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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 6, 2008

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After the Bailout did you go back to sleep? Are you awake?
* Well well, Buffett's Goldman strike price of $115./share is not looking so good this morning is it.
* The Russian and Brazilian Stock Markets had to close this morning the drop was so precipitous.
* After the Bailout passed the politicians voted down a "credit card holders bill of rights". Any remaining doubt who they work for?
* "They" have three sources of funds: Borrow from foreigners, take it from taxpayers, print it (computers). Why borrow when it is so easy to fleece the sheep (taxpayers) with the politicians working for them.
* It is to much to expect that the sheep become bulls, but can we not at least become more like billy goats so we can bounce them in the butt instead of being fleeced so easily?
* We must view the Government, Congress and the Banks as the same thing because they are owned by the same people.
* Now that it is a done deal notice how the media is now pointing out the foolishness of it all after the fact when it no longer matters.
* "HARD TIMES COMING" say guest on various financial programs.
* After their vote for the Bailout a fight ensues for Wachovia leaving Congress looking like the village idiots which they are.
* It was said on television this weekend the "special interest" (JOHNS) have given the "lobbyist" (PIMPS) 150B (that's B) to funnel to the "congressmen" (WHORES) over the recent several years. Incest and Treason plain and simple. D.C. cares not one whit what WE THE PEOPLE think or say. They vote on behalf of those who paid the bribes.
* There are Trillions, many many Trillions laying around in money market accounts and cash equivalents refusing to play their corrupt games any longer. This money could "bailout" the system quickly but still they refuse to clean things up.  Status quo their actions dictate.
* Are you aware that OBAMA kicked off his campaign in the living room of the Weathermen terrorist Ayers?
* Sunday Russian State Owned Television ran a documentary produced by an Italian journalist saying 9-11 was done by the U.S. Government and the buildings were brought down by explosives from within. Quite an uproar in Russia.
* Socialist policies created this mess; if they can make an X, sell it to them. And it was ORDERED by the liberals in Congress. The Banks and Freddie/Fannie were following ORDERS.
* The above was written this morning before the market dropped 800 pts then recovered to down 300++.
WE had a flurry of news saying delv today including from Europe and Asia. Have been holding this to see if deliveries would start at 3p.m. as reported. Its 4p.m. EST and they have not begun. Trying to learn whether there is a worldwide disinfo campaign underway.
Will do what we can over night and report again tomorrow.
                  casper    10-06-08