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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 4, 2008

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The talking heads were discussing yesterday the massive size of the entity which will grow up around the bailout and how lawyers, accountants, brokers, managers, banks, etc. will be fighting to get their straw into the punch bowl to access some portion of those billions of public funds.  Also why, even though the bill has a "sunset provision", it will be extended again and again as long as there is punch in the bowl.
A financial article yesterday says every bad mortgage in the U.S. of every kind and nature totals $144B and ask the question "what are the other hundreds of B's$  for"?
A Treasury spokesperson, when asked "where did the $700B number come from" replied, "Well, we just wanted a really big number so we picked it out of the air".  No joke friends, that's what they said.
When the vote began the market was up 300+ points. At the end of the day it was down 150+ points. Interesting don't you think?
This has been one of the most successful weeks ever for the disinfo teams in Washington. It was a full court press across every spectrum from the lies associated with the bill coming from PAULSON and the politicians to the disinfo associated with program funding. There seems to be three teams at work, the Treasury team, the BUSH lawyers team and the CIA team. They are coordinating the release of false information and spreading the story de jure internationally. And they are delighting in their temporary victories with never a thought or care as to the mental/emotional damage to those who have already suffered so much for so long. It is a game to them. An evil game played by evil people who compete with each other for the attention of the evil people they work for. They are arrogant in their success even to the point of calling from "restricted numbers" to brag about their abilities to divert calls both foreign and domestic and to flaunt their disregard for what you and we call the "law". There is no law in their world, none whatsoever.  Calls by us to numbers around the world we have used for years are being diverted to Langley. They are shutting down "outside" contact so as to limit info to that which they distribute. Yesterday WE informed them that they had overlooked the carrier pigeons and that we are well aware BUSH stole a Trillion Dollars this week not "paid" one T as reported by many domestic sources. Dead Silence. Then, "how could you possibly know that"? This of course made the follow on info about deliveries yesterday false as well. The funds are always recovered and that is true this time as well. Americans are known for doing the impossible dear Losers at Langley. Place a problem in front of us and we will figure out a way around it. His (BUSH) ability to continue doing this is whats impossible to understand. On a previous occasion, with many T's transferred illegally it was stated "they have done the impossible" meaning the accounts were supposedly to secure for this to happen. Well, they accomplished the impossible again leaving one to wonder how their super computer and these delaying tactics will be overcome.
A statement attributed to BUSH yesterday says "I am going to get the money one way or another". The response is No you won't. And the response to the disinfo teams is---surely there is a special place in Hell awaiting your arrival.
Bank closures next Tuesday through Friday extending through Columbus Day the 13th is today's issue. First of all its against Banking Law, as if there were any remaining law in that arena, which says banks can not be closed for more than three consecutive days. We have indications it could be true, we have five bank presidents denying it and asking "why would we be closed"?
Anyone with definitive Intel in this regard should please post their info.
Don't worry friends, the DRS's (dirty rotten scoundrels) will be overcome, they can delay but they can not stop.
                    casper   10-4-08