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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 3, 2008

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The Wall Street gang who created this mess are criminals. The Politicians who now flood the criminals with taxpayer dollars are TRAITORS and should be tried for Treason.
The BOJ pumped 1.6T yen into their system Wednesday and another 800B yen Thursday. Hundreds of Billions are being pumped into Euro Banks by the ECB, BOE and the FED.
The FED computers must be on fire as the Fed numbers are into the T's counting what they are doing offshore and this is before the 700B for Paulson and his friends.
The worlds fiat central banks are flooding the fiat banking system with liquidity manufactured "out of thin air".  Neither your eyes or your ears or your computers can track this tsunami of credit creation and freshly minted money as they go all out to preserve their privately owned banking system a little while longer. Remember, liquidity and solvency are two different things.
Meanwhile PAULSON readys his distribution network as the greedy scavengers foreign and domestic line up and prepare to receive the hand over of your grandchildren's future. Not only are we required to buy the worthless paper they created but also to start the gravy train again paying friends of PAULSON millions, even billions, to manage the worthless "assets" we just bought and overpaid for so as to give the crooks fresh liquidity.
Now CITI and Wells Fargo are fighting over Wachovia which was in the toilet just days ago. Why? Because the bad paper held by Wachovia can now be laid off on the American taxpayer making them whole again at our expense. It's a STICK-UP folks. Armed Robbery. The Banks are "sticking us up" and saying turn over your wallet or our boy PAULSON will bankrupt all of you pronto. Blackmail at the highest levels of Government being run by the few for the few. It is so unbelievably sick. It is TREASON. Have you made your call, your e-mail? Last chance friends. It may not matter, likely won't, but you can tell your grandchildren you tried.
And, while the FED RES dollar should be crashing under this bailout, unemployment reports, etc. etc., it is instead rising. WHY? It appears to be central bank intervention in the currency markets with GOLDMAN no doubt up to their neck in it. Manipulation by the PPT using the ESF on the USDX in cooperation with other fiat central banks. This carry's the added benefit to "them" of "breaking" currency investors around the world who bet against the dollar. Those who push the intervention computer buttons easily take advantage of everyone else.
Banks closing next week? Three B.A. Presidents say they know nothing of it.
Are the handsome politicians lying as they approach the cameras saying we must pass the bill, its time to act, we must avoid a crash? Some have been bought, some blackmailed, some answer to the establishment but most have been sold a false story namely that its PAULSON'S way, i.e. access to the public purse and there is no other way and 165 economist are full of poo poo. Bunk, Baloney and bullshit.
Now we hear from super secret sources BUSH was not arrested last Saturday. Last Sunday we had this news from 3 D.C. sources followed by Russian and Japanese newspaper articles Monday and WE spoke to several Ambassadors to the U.S. each of whom were told the same thing. Now we hear that BUSH put this out himself and, based upon other news, it may be to cover serious and very expensive "deal making" going on behind the scenes all week involving BUSH.  Needless to say all this is secret stuff and they have resorted to blocking and diverting calls, even to domestic embassies, to keep us in the dark, clear violations of the law which seems not to apply to these criminals. So, be sure not to tell anybody you guys/gals.
***Preliminary vote just completed in the House guarantees passage of the bailout bill so forget about your calls, it is to late. Now Barney, Chriss and the boys can get back to the serious business of collecting their graft from the financial institutions they work for just as they had previously collected 190M from Freddie and Fannie for blocking regulation proposed by McCain, BUSH, Greenspan and House Republicans.
Do we have the government we deserve?
Now a fourth B.A. contact denies bank closure. Perhaps they know and are denying it to avoid a run on their cash reserves today? Or perhaps it is just part of the hurricane of disinfo being thrown out this week to scare the representatives into changing their votes?
Now we hear the domestic banks may be "compliant" but not actually operating under Basel. This from the B.A. bankers mentioned above. All this taken together,
             1). BUSH not arrested.
             2). Banks not closing
             3). B.A. did not pull credit lines.
             4). Banks not under Basil
             5). BUSH "made a deal" (big money).
             6). Langley blocking and/or intercepting calls
means we have provided incorrect info off and on all week. WE go to extremes to be correct, Sometimes WE simply fail. Example? WE talked to the Russian newspaper personnel regarding the BUSH ARRESTED Intel before posting as this would be such an important development. I don't know what else we could have done.
California says someone must give them 3B by Monday or they can not fund their school districts.  Guess who? It will be you dear reader, the gates have been opened.
There is conflicting news on all fronts, we can't tell what is right and what is not. WE have been "cut off" from several major sources and are now working on back door access.
There are several domestic sources saying today. WE can't confirm but we can pray. You too?
                   casper     10-3-08