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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 2, 2008

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Consideration of no other plan will be allowed say the Senators. Only public funds distributed by Goldman Sachs largest shareholder will do. 165 economist and the public be damned. And pay no attention to the 400 pages of widgets gidgets gadgets garbage and thing-a-ma-jiggers we have thrown into the bill. Public discussion is outlawed. We will tell you and the lowly House what is good for you and allow no changes or amendments by them or you or outside economist or anyone else. No longer are you ruled by Republican Government as handed down by the founders or even "democracy" as handed down by Roosevelt in '33 and the Supreme Court in '38 or even "public policy" as administered by the Admiralty Courts for Creditors of the U.S's previous bankruptcy filings. No, you are now governed by the Banks and Wall Street, our employers. May your chains rest lightly upon your backs and the backs of your grandchildren.
Meanwhile anyone associated with the Banks or the Street are laughing this morning "all the way to the bank" (pun intended). Oh what a glorious day. Our most worthless garbage sold to PAULSON /Taxpayers and now that our Senators have opened the gates for us we barbarians will own the city, the country, the future. No more pretenses. We win again, suckers lose. Sheep sheared and most have no idea they are naked.
There is a simple answer to this TREASON. Deliver the packs today and follow with Constitutional announcements before the poor patriot NO voters in the House are steamrolled overnight.
When you have violated your oath of loyalty to the Constitution continuously for years the final act of sabotage is not difficult as the Senators demonstrated last night.
This is such a farce. There were other more effective answers producing faster longer lasting results but such considerations could not be allowed as they would not have "opened the gates". Twenty five percent of the Senators said NO, bless them. The others should be thrown out of office. There will always be a handful of Patriots in politics who simply refuse to knuckle under to the establishment. Dick Armey comes to mind. He was an economist who went to Washington determined to change things sleeping on a cot in his office the first year such was his passion to clean things up. He quickly rose to a leadership position (majority whip I think) and fought a long, hard and losing battle for WE THE PEOPLE and the Constitution. Eventually he allowed as how he had enough of the D.C. bullshit and was going fishing. And he did. A mans man who wouldn't play their games. The East Coast Establishment (NEW World Order) always beats down such men/woman but they serve to remind us of what we are losing at the hands of those who take their orders from Banks and the Corporate Government.
Is there any other possibility? Any way to reconcile this visible TREASON with the presently invisible expectations expressed here for years? Maybe.
The Intel regarding the buyout, demise and/or merge of the FED RES into Treasury seems unassailable as this Intel was developed over many years from many diverse sources worldwide. It is, in a word, unassailable. From this starting point it may not be much of a stretch to project that current events regarding the propping up of the current global banking system, including the domestic and now Basel compliant Banks, is being orchestrated by the owners/managers of the NEW Global Banking System and will playout in due course in undeniable ways including public announcements. It may involve a temporary shut down of the Banks as they affect the changeover. It may become evident that the Senate action was a last gasp effort to save itself and the Corporate Government. A Federal Court Case from years gone by resulted in a ruling that laws passed in violation of the Constitution are null and void as if they were never passed. One of the goals of the good guys, the World if you will, has been to not panic or destroy the American consumer. It is therefore possible, perhaps even probable, that while we can not see clearly the method of this madness it is nevertheless being directed by those acting in the best interest of our people and the people of other countries also experiencing the consequences of Wall Street corruption. 
We will not have to wait long to find out. Whatever is happening is happening now. Now there is a profound statement don't you think. 
Basel compliance, deliveries expected even today, announcements anticipated immediately following deliveries, years of accumulated data and knowledge leading to these moments, there is every reason to believe what we see on t.v. is an illusion or part of a greater unrecognizable plan fitting into the outcome we have all come to expect. 
Hang on friends. I don't think we are looking for a "Hail Marry" but rather a light switch being turned on. 
                  casper    10-2-08