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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 1, 2008

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This is such a tiring job. I wish someone more knowledgeable would come along and pull me in their little red wagon for awhile.
WE are surrounded with good news spelling immediate deliveries but we are cursed with other news saying it ain't so and deliveries will not be today. Our best guess is tomorrow. 
A runner on FOX this morning-BUSH signs into law a 25B low interest loan to the auto industry. Did you see the Congress approve this (spending?) legislation as required by law? Me neither.
Who cares whether our banks accounts are insured to 100k or 250k if the insurer does not have the money to cover either one?
The FDIC can not cover  the deposits of one percent of the people.
 "They" obviously expect to be able to reverse the NO vote in the House Thursday. Have you sent your e-mail today? Made your call? Please do this.
Have you read the notes from PAULSONS conference call to financial types posted on the net? He says weeks before he starts spending the money proving his crash threats were bogus.
The trash being added to the bill in the Senate today borders on insanity-it has become a huge "Christmas Tree" and WE hear they are secretly attaching a 200 page tax bill which has suddenly ballooned to 400++pages.
We must return to our analysis reported to you before the house vote. The takeover of the country by this fascist Govt/Wall Street nexus laying all debt everywhere off on the American people, besides being unconstitutional (bailing out private banks with public funds), is the opposite of forcing deliveries and taking care of problems with tax receipts. This is preservation of the status quo no matter the cost by creating the money out of thin air, adding it to the debt, and never mind the hyperinflationary blowoff it portends, that is a problem for another day. The 700B is not the issue which is a low ball first step. The issue is the opening of the gates (public purse) intentionally to allow the fascist financial dictators direct access to the public purse and once the precedent is set there will be no limit to the BAILOUT of the financial institutions, no matter how corrupt, at the publics expense with PAULSON alone deciding what the people are forced to pay for worthless toxic paper. The 700B is a thimble dipped into the ocean of debt we will be exposed to. It is nothing less than the takeover of the country by the CORPORATE GOVT/WALL STREET nexus which is the very definition of a fascist dictatorship. They know what they are doing in the SENATE. They are representatives of and participants in this dictatorship not representatives of the people, the republic or the constitution. The financial disaster they have created pales in comparison to the political ramifications of losing the country to these evil corrupt hooligans. It may well have been preplanned. Under this scenario do they need our tax receipts? Perhaps there is a different or a better analysis of this and if so i wish someone would offer it up.
Today's "Daily Reckoning" says the FED has pumped 900B into who knows what over the last two weeks. Now another 700B. And 25B to Auto Industry. And 200B for Freddie and Fannie, and 85B for AIG and on and on and on. What are the consequences of Big Bens Helicopter Money???
Perhaps they will yet be stopped mid-stream. Perhaps the House will say NO again. Perhaps "THE FORCE" will be with us and will make deliveries and the Constitutional Announcements tomorrow leaving these traitors without a Bailout and without a job.
The Banks scheduled for Basel compliance at 12:01 a.m. last night did comply.  This is hugely important and an indicator that more is going on than we can see, certainly more than we understand. It is reason to believe that things are working themselves out and coming down as expected even if we are unable to explain the nuances of televised happenings vs the opposite scenario we have been describing for years.
WE sincerely believe deliveries are coming promptly, likely tomorrow.
                     casper   10-1-08