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CASPER UPDATE: Sept. 30, 2008

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FINALLY an issue arises in D.C. sufficient to wake up the people. Now all eyes are on the Congress and their behavior and voting records. What else could have caused the people to rise up like this?        This is not all bad.
Forty percent of the Democrats in the House said no. Five Democratic committee chairman said no. Twelve Democrats on Barney Franks own committee said no. These Democrats deserve credit. Forty percent. It's a miracle.
Now that your eyes are on D.C. consider whether you think these clowns should have the right, like PAULSON, to spend your money willy nilly on whatever whim they wake up with. Obama requested 890M of such funds, known as "EARMARKS" for his area of Illinois. Do you think they should have the power to spend BILLIONS EACH YEAR in this way? Without even identifying themselves which is current law? This is often payola for friends. It is so very CORRUPT and corrupts those involved in these "payoffs".      It must be stopped.     McCain has always opposed earmarks.
This morning Barney Frank and Obama call for an increase in FDIC deposit Insurance to $250 thousand. Has no one informed these guys the FDIC is already so undercapitalized they have requested government loans? The government is broke. All they can do is borrow or have the FED print (computers) the money. It is as if they are all so insulated they don't know what is going on in the real world or else they don't understand basic facts:
a). no more borrowing from the world to support their foolishness 
b). continuing to manufacture money "out of thin air" spells hyperinflation. 
More confirmations of BUSH'S (house?) arrest Saturday night after warnings last Thursday night. Not just Russia and Japan confirmations but also from our sources in other countries.
WE hear the U.S. is not only broke after BUSH raids on every possible domestic store of funds, but the 2B in daily borrowings necessary to run the ongoing operations have been cut off. WE previously heard and reported foreign capital has been withdrawn from U.S. banks which was probably the trigger for the "emergency".
As was the case yesterday, many sources say delv today and many say tomorrow. OUR best Intel says today.
INCEST? GOLDMAN Co-CEO Robert Rubin instigated massive banking deregulation during the five years he served as CLINTONS Treasury Secretary. Rubin then quit in 1999 for mega millions from CITI a bank he had just deregulated. This Government INCEST with GOLDMAN goes all the way back to the Eisenhower Administration when John Foster Dulles whose law firm represented GOLDMAN left to become Secretary of State. In 1999 Josh Bolten left Goldman eventually becoming White House Chief of Staff and later Ambassador to the U.N.. Stephen Friedman, former co-CEO of Goldman with Rubin became National Economic Council Director for Bush in 2002. Now PAULSON, former Goldman CEO becomes Treasury Secretary and tells the nation he will rule the country and you will give me 700B immediately to do with as I see fit or you the public will suffer the consequences. He was Goldman's largest stockholder when appointed T. Secretary. This bunch killed GLASS-STEAGALL (separation of Investment and Commercial Banks), killed bank regulation and PAULSON converted Goldman from a classic Investment Bank into something resembling a hedge fund where record profits were based on trading bets made with borrowed funds using "inside information" of course. At every turn, in ways small and extremely large Paulson has conflicts of interest oozing from his mouth, ears and nose. His entire career has been built promoting corporate welfare over the public interest. Goldman is the primary helpmate for Government Treasury Bond and Currency trading. These relationships, carrying all the way through to the banks, is so incestuous and outside the public interest that incestuous is to weak a word to describe the corruption which is automated and built into the system. Neither PAULSON or any other Wall Street Executive should be Treasury Secretary. He may be a good man personally, his bio and friends indicate as much, but he can not and he does not and he is not looking out for the interest of the public while making himself and Goldman and his buddies on the Street rich simultaneously. It's just not possible and recent events demonstrate clearly where his primary loyalties lie.
Your questions about the specifics of this or that daily event, for interpretations of things not understood from "the cheap seats", your frustration, concern and anger over what appears the inability of the world to overcome a sitting wartime president operating under emergency powers are all legitimate and perfectly understandable. Its just that WE don't have the time to address all these questions or to explain in ever greater detail confusing and complex daily activities. By the time you ask a certain question we are several days and several developments "down the road". Dealing with current events hourly leaves no time to explain what we meant when we said something last week. Please try to accept this suggestion; we are scratching, clawing, figuring and analyzing in real time and reporting to you daily where things stand.
Accept what we say at face value even if you don't understand it. Permit us to be wrong on occasion as events change so rapidly that morning Intel may change before nightfall. WE have been at this a long time. We have, in our judgment, the best Intel team anywhere (related to program funding). AND we tell the truth as we understand it whatever that may be. This is the best we can do. We hope it helps you but to the extent it confuses you imagine whats its like trying to separate wheat from chaff in our world.
We are about to receive our funding then all this junk will just seem a long bad dream and we will fade away as quietly as we arrived.
                 casper   9-30-08