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The American people register their "NO" with Congress at 100/1, some reps reports calls running 1000/1 against but there HE is, the financial boys number one little bitch Christopher Dodd on television this afternoon saying the American people will not stand for this (rejection of the bill). Talk about deaf, dumb and out of touch, the liberals up there do not give a damn what the people say as they have already screamed it and they still can't hear it.
Listen up stupid; the American people are not against Congress helping to alleviate the credit crisis. It is your carte blanche for the creators of the crisis we will not tolerate. If you had even a modicum of common sense you would have known that before wasting ten days trying to cram it down our throats. Convey the message to the puppeteers Mr puppet, NO NO NO.
Don't be shocked friends if they magically turn no's into yes's. By now you understand what "they" are capable of and who knows whether each of us could stand up to the pressure which will now be applied. Remember, there is nothing "they" will not stoop to. The volume of the "sky is falling" rhetoric will now be turned up to the max blaming the "death of America" on the only ones courageous enough to vote against this monstrosity. Support them now with e-mails and phone calls. Every single one will give them strength for what lies immediately ahead.
They may not understand the difference between "the death of America" and "the death of the FED RES Banking system" but we do. Don't we? Sure we do. Your damn right we do.
I wish there were a way to ask every American to send PAULSON a corn cob with a little note telling him where to put it.
Bill Gross (Pimco) said this weekend he would manage all these toxic bank assets for the American people free of charge. NO NO NO says PAULSON, I reserve the right to pay managers millions monthly and this point is not negotiable. Politicians supporting this arrogance are TRAITORS plain and simple.
The BLAME GAME begins: The liberals could have passed this bill in the House all by themselves. Ninety five of their own voted against the bill. These are the ones most likely to "change their minds" between now and Thursday so you Reagan Democrats out there need to get on the stick and help them weather the storm.
               casper     9-29-08   3rd