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CASPER UPDATE: Sept. 29, 2008

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Poor Congress. There goes their 9% approval rating.
BUSH now wants another 25B to bail the auto industry. What's next, taxpayers to be charged with payments on his ranch??
Martial Law Hocus Pocus, WE don't believe a word of this speculation. An angry TX. Congressman refers to Pelosi referring to Martial Law which is not hers to announce and would be International News if she even mentioned it. If BUSH were able to do Martial Law he would have done so a dozen times already. He is hogtied, it ain't gonna happen.
Bank America buys Countrywide and will buy Merrill for 50B????? WE hear B.ofA. is flat broke, busted, kaput, belly up. This from sources within and without B. of A.. How to explain? Can't explain but can GUESS.
Old bank goes down, squeaky clean NEW BofA Treasury Bank rises????
Toxic debt being merged into big three, Citi, Chase and B.ofA.....To facilitate Treasury's layoff on taxpayers? Or to facilitate bankruptcy of Fed Res Banks along with the FED RES?????
The House votes today. Tuesday is Jewish new year. Senate votes Wednesday. The Senate vote is assured as it is the most expensive and dependable whorehouse on the planet. And no vote Tuesday since the Jews rule D.C. and New York. The trouble is those pesky conservatives in the House. What if they say no? Do they have the votes to kill this TREASON? Not likely.
As conservatives fight against this sellout of the nation the liberals (democrats) fight for its passage and "MOVE ON" comes with a new nationwide ad this morning blaming the Republicans for passage. There are liars then there are bald faced liars. Liberals are the latter. Should the bill be defeated in the House watch MOVE ON and the other liberals flip flop and blame the Republicans for the FAILURE of the bill. Their constituency is so ignorant they can argue either side of the issue, or both sides at once, and their voters never know the difference. Sheep following the bell.
Some thought they saw BUSH announce NESARA on television this morning. Not true but note the similarity of words. He was pushing the bailout bill, "Emergency Economic Stabilization & Recovery Act".
Three Governments pump 16.4B into Fortis in Europe this weekend. The crash is not limited to the U.S..
165 economist say there are better ways to accomplish the needed result. Not if the ultimate goal is the takeover of the country by the fascist financial elite.
All this talk about "protecting the taxpayer" is subterfuge. It comes down to lifting the most worthless debt ever off the banks at 65 cents on the dollar, saving their corrupt asses, and laying it off on the people and their grandchildren. Warrants, etc. is just lipstick on the pig. It is the spin machine which covers up the obvious truth. The politicians are silly putty in the hands of the same criminals who created and profited from this mess. It is so sad to watch this. Michael Moore and Casper on the same side of an issue. This must truly be "a cold day in hell".
After hearing BUSH is under house arrest several times over the weekend GUESS WHAT? Newspaper headlines in Russia today also say BUSH HAS BEEN ARRESTED.
Goldman Sachs announces they will buy 50B of the banks distressed assets. Don't you know they will get the "pick of the litter"? Do you think they will pay 65 cents on the dollar as we are? And what do we the taxpayers get? The most worthless of the worthless after PAULSON'S POSSE gets done picking through it.
And none dare call it what it is which is TREASON. And INCEST, plain and simple.
WE are hearing deliveries today, others hear tomorrow. Barring any unforeseen-blah blah blah.
                 casper   9-29-08
p.s.  House kills bill it appears. Market drops 400 points in a few minutes. Can you believe it?????????????????
The FED RES pumped another 300B into central banks around the world this morning so they can keep their banks afloat.