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CASPER FOURTH UPDATE: September 25, 2008

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Why do you suppose the DEMOCRATS are falling all over themselves to make a deal?  Quick, Right now, Tonight?
The reason is that, politically speaking, they are 100% responsible for what has happened and they are scared to death some talking head is going to go off the reservation and tell the public the truth.
Time and again Republicans introduced legislation to revamp, to reign in, Freddie and Fannie and to provide additional oversight only to have it shot down every time by a 100% Democrat straight party line vote. BARNEY FRANK, the individual most deserving a rope said it was unfair that only people with decent credit and a job and a down payment should be able to buy a home. He DEMANDED that the least qualified be approved and the bureaucrats at Freddie and Fannie willingly complied (more money for them) and there came into being "liars loans" meaning if you could make an X on the dotted line you are approved. This is LIBERALISM at its finest friends with the usual predictable outcome and they are most anxious to cover this up before someone points out the incredible stupidity and the bribery involved. This is truly a textbook example of liberalism at work and a preview for government health care. Not to worry conservatives, they can barely fund social security payments much less health care.
That said the whole thing is a farce. They continue to divert the peoples attention accusing mortgage loans as the culprit destroying the worlds financial system. Baloney. The culprit is the smorgasbord of exotic financial crap created by Paulson and the entities he and Bush now demand the taxpayers bail out. The underlying asset may be a mortgage or other debt instrument but the inverted pyramid of paper constructed atop that instrument is uniquely Wall Street and Paulson. All else is a diversion. They created this mess, pocketed hundreds of Billions along the way and now insist we must bail them out on the backs of our grandchildren. Bunk, baloney and Bullshit. They should be in Prison or hung for treason.  Of all the disgusting, pitiful and corrupt things the politicians have ever done this one heads the list. They are selling the nation down the river and most of them are to stupid to even know what they are doing. They signed the thousand page Patriot Act in 24 hours without reading it. This is even worse. They are useless idiots, except to those paying the bribes. This is TREASON friends and INCEST plain and simple. Every American who cares about freedom should immediately write and call their representatives. Not that it will do any good but at least you can tell your grandchildren you did what you could to stop it.
                casper   4th