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CASPER SECOND UPDATE: September 25, 2008

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Have you wondered why the ORACLE OF OMAHA would lend his name and reputation to the snake oil salesmen at Treasury and the FED? His five B bought preferred stock in Goldman paying 10% annually with the right to buy five B in common stock at $115.00/share. Goldman stock is $130.00 this morning and will go higher onacounta the BAILOUT. So Buffet has already made $15. per share in less than a week plus 10% annual guaranteed. Think you could get such a deal?  No wonder he is "pitching" their pail of bullshit for them. No matter what else happens you can count on Goldman Sachs coming out on top as they are now running the government. Incest, plain and simple.
Read Ron Paul's message from yesterday. Language in the bill being negotiated shows 700B is only a first step. What's more, any "supervision" of KING PAULSON's activities will come after the fact. He can pay his wall street buddies anything he wants for their worthless toxic crap using our money (actually credit) to do so. The sales pitch is Paulson will pay fifty or sixty cents on the dollar for what is presently worthless paper and sell it later at a profit for taxpayers. Baloney. Sell it to who? There is no market for this garbage anywhere in the world.  The real deal is to take the garbage off the banks books with Sugar Daddy Paulson paying his buddies whatever he personally decides providing them with both liquidity and clean balance sheets, i.e. save the existing corrupt system which pocketed hundreds of billions previously and do so with taxpayer liability doled out by a Wall Street CEO playing Treasury Secretary and package it nicely with bought and paid for political and media support. INCEST, plain and simple. The spin machine precludes the general public from having any clear understanding of what is actually going on which amounts to the final shredding of the constitution and any pretext as to who D.C. works for. And none dare call it by its actual name which is TREASON. Welcome to communism comrade.
The House and Senate committee chairman, Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, have been paid millions in "campaign contributions" by the very crooks they now pretend to oversee. Who received the third largest amount of "bribes"?  Barrack Hussein Obama.
Ninety five percent of calls to politicians, by their own admission, are against this central government/Wall Street Communist takeover of America. Do you see them paying any attention to the people? Do you see who they actually work for? Financially this amounts to a Band-Aid being applied to a gaping wound but it serves the greater purpose of turning the country over to a dictatorship run by the financial elites who's puppet Paulson will remain in place no matter who is President.
We are on the verge of a depression and these liars have yet to acknowledge a recession. All of this is to preserve the status quo at any cost and to avoid the NEW asset backed monetary and banking system which brings with it EXPOSURES of the criminal activities of the Bankers, Politicians and Presidents.
Neither McCain or Obama can even spell economics, McCain admitted as much months ago. Either one will be a pawn of the financial establishment led by PAULSON. A vote for McCain is virtually the same thing as a vote for a third Bush term. A vote for Obama is virtually the same as voting for Alec Baldwin, Barbara Striesand or Jane Fonda for President.
Regarding missing announcements and documentary's the only news is that "deals were made" involving our deliveries and no suitcase. Another example of "news" withheld on request was that foreign capital had been withdrawn from the big five U.S. banks in order to force deliveries leaving them broke and without operating capital. This Intel came from sources foreign and domestic. If true it might explain the "financial Pearl Harbor" referred to by Buffett and the urgent and desperate need for the Bailout on Capital Hill. Another example of withheld Intel had to do with news media loans to be called worldwide if they failed to do the announcements and Carlyle loans to be called if they interfered with some deliveries scheduled to arrive by national carriers.
We know from experience how easily false Intel can be spread domestically but can't decipher whether Europe is doing some of the same. Formally dependable European sources are saying "frankly we don't know what the hell is going on". And frankly, neither do we. Intel deemed solid days ago has not come to pass and we can not explain why. Suddenly we have been unable to reach some of our most important contacts.
We are doing our best to get to the bottom of things and will update when possible.
                    casper  9-25-08   afternoon