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CASPER: SECOND UPDATE, September 23, 2008 (Updated Sept.23, 2009 with CORRECTION)

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  Mid-Afternoon   09-23-08
After the attempted raid on the church accounts by Bush last night news began to break early afternoon in the following order:
1.) Multiple reports of the suitcase to be released this week.  One report says today at the World Court
2.) All countries including China to cut off all Goods and Services to the US beginning at 3PM today.
3.) World Court to releases a 3 hour documentary to be televised around the world including CNN and FOX at 6PM EST tonight.
Bush activities and thefts over several years to be explained to the American people and the World Wide audience including the theft of our accounts on multiple occasions, Marshall Plan money, etc. 
Threats to call news media loans were blocking announcements apparently not necessary.  CNN even demanded an Exclusive.  No Dice due to their previous failure to do their job.
4.) 7,000 arrests to begin with the top 700 tonight including S.C. and Cabinet.
The blocking of NESARA Announcements by Bush at 6PM last evening triggered the above responses.
Del. are now rescheduled for tomorrow = Wed.
casper and assoc.
 casper #3 09-23
News/Announcements  should be broadcast at 6PM PST. ( 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 7PM MTN . 6 PM PST )
casper and assoc