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CASPER UPDATE: September 22, 2008

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 casper  9-22-09   
After Bush /HLS stopped dels. last Friday , he and a large entourage went to the ranch in Crawford where they continued trying to access accounts all over the world, including individual accts. using the SUPER computer located in Crawford.
Meanwhile the packs were relocated to D.C. from Charlotte and were still there Sunday night.
Mainland China loaned Bush $500B last week most of which was used to prop up the stock market. In came the Staggering Paulson announcements, Socializing America, saving Wall Street and the banks at the taxpayers expense, and appointing himself Sole and Exclusive Czar over the Trillion Dollar Bailout.
Meanwhile Bush tells the Couriers, Banks, etc. Anyone delivering a package will be immediately arrested.
The announcements are still the key stopping the criminal behavior which becomes more intense everyday, his position being that exposure results in anarchy and the people will burn D.C. to the ground.
It is a day by day tug of war, slug fest, knife fight and as of early afternoon today, D.C. is in complete lockdown, sources can not be reached and Euro. sources are equally in the dark.
It is more of the same, de-je-vous all over again. Moves, countermoves, with trillions at stake.
Paulson briefly had his hands on our tax funds last week. That was blocked and funds retrieved.
It is more difficult than ever to follow the bouncing ball as there is so much secrecy and intensity involved.
We will update when possible.
The attempt by a corrupt President to appoint a corrupt Treasury Secretary to a God Like position of power, to be rubber stamped by a bribed congress is beyond the pale.
  • There exists NO Law and NO Morality in D.C. or N.Y.
  • Clearing their books (Banks) at the peoples expense is self dealing on a scale heretofore unimaginable.
  • USA is Bankrupt.  The great experiment ends in Socialism with Sugar Daddy Paulson in control.
  • 600B in bailouts already done.  700B just announced which is a low ball number.  85B to AIG.     F and F 200B and counting.  The FDIC requests a Govt. Loan.
  • Foreign Banks holding US mortgage securities to be bailed out at US taxpayers expense ( Barclays, UBS).
  • A Bush led criminal gang controls our Nation.
  • Congress says they will approve the largest and scariest financial bailout in History, all within a week,committing what could easily total  $1-2 T of taxpayers funds "so they can get home Friday to start campaigning".
  • Fred and Fannie announced they will again start buying MBS's Mortgage backed securities, compounding previous errors.
  • Crooked Govt. begets Crooked Industry
  • D.C. politicians provide the grease (votes) for one scam heaped upon top  of another scam all to keep the larger scam ( Corporate US) operating.
  • Bush destroys Republican party, conservatism and the nations solveniency.
  • Cheney refuses to release his papers including appt logs, claiming he is not part of the Executive Branch.
  • Criminal gangs and control of nations political and financial systems.
  • Glass-Stegall repeal allowing merging of commercial and investment banks -the very thing causing previous disasters.
  • Budget deficits, already out of control, will now explode.
  • Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, Christopher Cox, and others are Silly Putty in the hands of Criminals.
  • Gold sets historical record one day up-tick of  $70 plus.
  • Russian Banks propped up by Russian Govt.
  • Banks in Brazil under water and down dramatically.
  • Previous providers of rescue capitol such as TPG's  ( Texas Pacific Groups) $7B to Wa-Mu and Sovereign Fund Investments and US financial institutions now virtually worthless.
  • Trillions in shareholder equity, F and F, AIG, Lehman, Etc. wiped out.  Financials stock prices fall of 80% common.
  • Merrill/B of A merger usually requiring 6-12 months, agreed to in 48 hours.
  • Franklin Raines and other GSE Executatives walk with a Hundred Million Plus Plus Plus Golden Parachutes.
  • Goldman Sachs pays 12.1B in Employee Bonuses in 2007.
  • Domestic Auto Mfgs. seeking bailouts.
  • Potential Buyer of WaMu demanding Govt. loans to facilitate deal.
  • Lowest Housing starts in SIX decades.
  • Credit default swaps totaling tens of trillions only now coming Front and Center.
  • Nationalization of all bad debt, from credit cards to student loans to auto loans to mortgages, swept out of corrupt banks and laid upon citizens children and grandchildren, reducing US living standards for generations to come.
  • Websites say Greenspan is spilling the beans and plea bargaining regarding BILLIONS stolen from Iraq and paid to President of Spain and others in Italy ( Vatican?)
  • CIA proprietary accounts used for Payoffs.  Supposedly identified by Greenspan.
  • BBC investigating missing billions in Iraq.
  • Don't forget the 2T or so missing from the Pentagon budget.
  • Greenspan fingers Bush and Clinton?
For years the US has been "Exporting" it's Toxic Financial Trash bringing the world to the brink of systemic collapse.  The rumor we reported a month ago is likely true, " decisions have been made US is too big to fail".
Today the Chi Coms issued an International statement to the effect, paraphrasing, " The world can not afford to follow the US example of corrupt financial dealings" (in diplomatic language of course).
The action right now is in D.C. and whatever is happening is in secret meetings we have not yet penetrated. 
It appears that after Bush fights the NEW with his last breath he has decided to bet the worlds' last breath also as we always heard he would. 
As the politicians get their Long Over due exposure and expulsion it is not surprising they will do anything to preserve their corrupt Fiefdoms.
As we have said before the Congress is a Whorehouse working for a small group of Elites who have captured and ransacked our Govt. for their personal benefit laying waste to all they touch, from War to Border security, from the currency to the banks, to Wallstreet , to budget deficits Skyrocketing and Govt.. liabilities totaling 50T BEFORE Paulson gets stared bailing out his buddies at our expense.
Never again will the US be able to point a finger at Castro or Chavez or Morales or any ten horned socialist dictator.
ps: Urgent Update 8PM Monday night: 
The banks have been ordered to del. tomorrow or our allies who control the supply of money, will close ALL Banks in the U.S.
We also hear the 700B Bailout is Toast. 
The above is dependable Intel and delvs. tomorrow are likely to result in announcements tomorrow night.