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CASPER UPDATE: September 19, 2008

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It is early Friday evening.
We intended some extensive comments tonight regarding the Financial Market Activities this week, but the following news takes precedence.
After several days of heavy "In Fighting" behind the scenes--the packages left Charlotte today for del. beginning tonight.
The packs, which are exempt from H.L.S by Order of the W.C. and the S.C., were then ordered back to Charlotte by Bush, H.L.S., and the Justice Dept.
They are at this writing sitting on the Tarmac in Charlotte with packs aboard and the planes being guarded by H.L.S.
As usual this breaking news is provided not only for Recipients, But also for those around the world whom have an immediate Need to Know.
What Next?
We must wait further developments and will report when possible,.
Casper and Assoc.