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CASPER UPDATE: September 17, 2008

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Behind the scenes good things are happening continuously, but are interrupted by sporadic acts of bureaucratic violence directed at our funding and the demise of the status quo.
"They" and their system of B.S. is over.
It's not that someone has taken them down, so much as it is "taken them down". They have bled all available dollars from their punchbowl of cooperation and the time has come to lay it all off onto the taxpayers.
During your thoughts of righteous and justified anger, over what "THEY" have done to the nation, and The Constitution, and the World, remember, most of "them" were just trying to make a buck, to get by in life, just like us.
They didn't know or see the big picture. Most should be forgiven. Those at the top should be hung.
After the "Trigger Packs"  moved round and around again last night,ultimatums were given to B ( Banc) of A  to deliver tomorrow, Thur, or into the "Dempsey Dumpster" B of A goes by tomorrow night.
We hear the slick shysters at B of A learned of the reality of the  threat and were "begging" to del. tomorrow.
As an aside, we hear B of A, will be the cleanest bank on the planet, when the new "ownership' finishes with it.
Will they del. tomorrow?           Who the heck really knows.
Del. are truly scheduled every day.  Every day they pull some new shenanigans which is dealt with , rescheduling del. for the next day. Each of these moves/countermoves results in "their" further defeat.
We hear announcements and arrests follow del.
"THEY" tried again (Paulson), to no avail, to separate the del and announcements.
We hear there will likely be NO ELECTIONS in Nov.
If you are an "Investor" in anything, witness the passing of the old to be replaced with the new.
We are part of the new, part of the solution.
The police state "they" have created will die when the heads of the snake are cut off.
As usual there are many things happening simultaneously.  Are you a good observer? The really good stuff,such as the Chi Com
loaning Bush $500B, the terms of which he promptly violated, are secret of course.
Everything is getting nationalized,  or "socialized" ,    depending on your point of view.
What if everything is nationalized by the Fed, New Treasury takes over the Fed, and "WE THE PEOPLE" end up owning everything except the debt? The Corporation is bankrupt and "We the people", i.e.: The Constitutional Republic, own Freddy, Fannie, and 80% of AIG?
More reasonable still, what if these "bailouts" are one by one absolutely necessary to keep the Fed Resv system alive
and each one brings the status quo a step closer to the inevitable collapse?
This is a most frightening scenario for those unaware of the "New and Better Ways in the Wings."
The wait is over, "THEY" are kicking and screaming each step they take towards the gallows.
WE expect del. tomorrow.
There is so much to tell when we are cleared to do so.
After del. it will be all so irrelevant.
Casper and Assoc.
09-17-08    Late Evening