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CASPER UPDATE: September 16, 2008

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Del. were to begin last Friday at 4 P.M. EST  w/ Announcements on Fri. Evening.
Imminent del. and announcements were the reason we withheld Intel at that time.  The schedule was again blocked resulting in meetings at Treasury Friday  P.M. and over  this past weekend, involving Treasury,Justice, S.C. ,H.L.S,  China, IMF and others.
Again-The outcome/story was to  result in del. on Monday.
Then another delay Monday emanating from Treasury and then "ON AGAIN"  for Today with immediate announcements- leading to the Constitution.
Stepping on their plans just to show that we are aware of daily twists and turns, especially since del. were immanent,made no sense if we might in anyway jeopardize a pending successful outcome, so we held our fire-again.
Word comes this afternoon there is yet another delay, origin is the Treasury.
The money that floated into the stock market today came out of Red China. Mainland China.
You can see what is happening on Wall Street.
The IMF countries are fully engaged and demanding their funds.  Everything is TIED to EVERYTHING.
The bad guys are insane.           You realize that don't you?
Lord knows what they did to mess up today's schedule.
The goal of this update is to provide a brief but necessarily vague description of what is happening.
Casper and Associates   09-16-08   Afternoon.