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CASPER UPDATE: September 12, 2008

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 Everything is a-ok friends. There have been some more bad guys late breaking problems which have been handled as described below but first, after much thought, WE have decided to respond to the latest attack by CHRISTOPHER STORY. 
In his most recent update he attacks those of us who choose to remain anonymous even calling them (or us) liars, cowards, purveyors of black disinfo and insinuates WE work for BUSH SENIOR. Frankly speaking WE have had enough of this IGNORANT STRUTTING PEACOCK and would remind him and (you?) of a few things just in case anyone has forgotten.
On several previous occasions over the years our reasons for anonymity have been questioned so once every six months or so we have explained some of the reasons which are located in the FOURWINDS archives if you would care to revisit previous writings on this subject. Among the reasons mentioned were personal and family security which was and is the first consideration. The "bounties", the murders, the kidnappings and other dirty deeds we occasionally mention are not exaggerations. They are true. Richard Jones, for example, was shot three times, stabbed twice and eventually died of poisoning. There are many examples like this one some involving torture prior to death.
WE report Intel/info the bad guys do not want known. WE work very hard to be sure the Intel is accurate before reporting. Severe consequences for the bad guys are often involved as you will see when the announcements begin. There is risk in what we do. For example, one of our own has recently had to deal with the "jack-booted thugs", 40 or 50 in number, calling themselves a "multi-jurisdictional task force". They enter your home, throw people (family around), steal your computers and personal belongings, threaten all manner of violence and serve indictments and arrest warrants in the name of Homeland Security and The Patriot Act. This example refers to a friend of yours who gave much to you and who you would instantly recognize were we to name him which we can not do without further jeopardizing his situation
There are other reasons for our anonymity. Our Intel often comes from sources who must have same if they are to provide Intel which is critical for the right people to know, critical in terms of both content and timing. WE honor their needs. That is why we still have these sources. WE provide several layers of security between them and the public disclosure of what they have to say.
Another reason is that WE have never sought the limelight or the spotlight believing it is the message which is important, not the messenger. WE do not enjoy this assignment, an assignment we assigned to ourselves long ago in an attempt to alleviate some of the overwhelming stress resulting from the continuous stream of disinformation. Personal motivation came from the loss of 19 friends who were in the programs and died, most often, from stress related heart attacks. Casper's best friend, an all American football player, committed suicide as did many others.
Another reason is to bring pressure on the bad guys from a variety of "disclosures" which come from people who are themselves at risk, not just jobs or positions but "bounties" placed on their heads.  
WE don't do this work for "self satisfaction" either as all things considered, this is a rather crappy job.
There have been and there still are many very legitimate reasons why WE protect ourselves and our sources and our resources to the fullest extent possible. In this world there are perhaps half a dozen people who know who Casper really is and they understand the reasons for our anonymity and they assist us in this respect.
STORY appeared in our world (the programs) a few years ago claiming WANTA to be the know all, be all, is all, end all and himself to be the chosen and self declared chronicler of record of the true realities of life on this earth when in fact, as he has subsequently learned, WANTA was a blister on the tire of an 18 wheeler. Then STORY decided he knew all there was to know about our business (the programs) and proceeded to tell us so. He quickly spotted GREENSPAN as the number one criminal but refused to acknowledge, much less explain, why his beloved QUEEN took him to her castle in SCOTLAND and knighted him. In those days GREENSPAN, BUSH and the QUEEN were joined at the hip and what she couldn't steal, hide or delay by herself she used her shill HIGGINS at the World Court to do for her. WE were, at that time, reporting to you the Queen's every move and we were doing so from contacts inside Buckingham, the Court and those who were talking to her almost every day often on her bedside telephone, not to mention those meeting her on the tarmac during her many secret visits to the U.S..  Is STORY on the QUEENS payroll? Does he work for her? What else could explain such a willing level of ignorance over such a long period of time right in his own back yard?
Having appointed himself resident expert regarding the "settlements" (programs) he then says, over and over again, "the Countries have been paid".  They have not been paid and will not be paid before us.
Then, in his recent update, he takes US to task regarding the resignation (firing) of the top Trustee, the Frenchman, Mr. GUI (GEE) a fact he is still not aware of several days after the fact calling facts "black dis-info". Do you, our regular readers, think we would report something of this magnitude if we didn't know where of we speak? GUI was BUSHES "ace in the hole", or, more accurately, his ace up his sleeve. And C.T. who headed up the New York meeting last week and the scams emanating there from? Bushes third cousin.
Have you noticed that STORY has offered no real news for weeks, occasionally saying "I've got a secret but I can't tell"? That's because he hasn't the foggiest idea what is going on now any more than he did with WANTA. Story is a Banty Rooster clamoring for attention demanding to be the "cock of the walk". In the barnyard we work in he would be fox food over night. Friends it is a simple truth that we have forgotten more about our business than STORY knows or will ever know.
Who fired GUI? WE know, we just can't say so publicly. Do you reckon STORY knows? WE reckon not since he does not even know of his choice to avoid a firing squad.  For those of you receiving info that this one or that one is really really upset this thief has been exposed and fired you may be sure that is the very one you better watch out for. Anyone who wants our programs to fund should be celebrating every time another crook is exposed. STORY is writing a book. Based upon his lack of knowledge of basic facts we doubt he will sell many copies in the U.S.. As a matter of fact our sources in Europe say they no longer bother to read his stuff. One source said the 7.5 ton armored truck which he said picked up his manuscript "brought the remains back on a two wheel scooter".
As for US, we keep our head down and our nose to the grindstone praying this job will end quick so we can get on with life. Your messages to Fourwinds meant for us go through channels and we do receive and read them. Because we write for you it is your messages which mean the most to us. A recent message from a very important player in Europe said "you guys have done more to get this completed than anyone else on the planet". WE are very happy to receive such a message although it is not as important to us as those we receive from you. And we are happy to accept this and all messages anonymously as we are not STRUTTING PEACOCKS looking for a spotlight.
As for brother Story's filthy mouth, we promise to bring a bar of lye soap to our first meeting with him.
Of necessity, WE are withholding for the moment the 2nd half of this update--which was/is almost as lengthy as the first half.
The news is outstanding and we are anxious to bring it to you.
Our silence has been requested very very temporarily.
Everything is wonderful.
Will publish the 2nd half of this report as soon as possible.
It is written and ready. 
WE  are acting in your best interest.
Casper and Assoc.   09-12-08    Mid-Afternoon