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CASPER UPDATE: September 9, 2008

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 Yesterday the planes left from Charlotte and elsewhere with packs aboard for positioning last night for delivery today.
Then WE reported this to you.
The planes flew around for awhile then returned and were on the tarmacs this morning with packs still aboard.
Some think this has to do with the attempted trade actually going through and the money being split up amongst  C.T., the Frenchman, Paulson and others. Or, they think they have split the 8.5T stolen from the IMF funds. Neither are true. The trade was blocked Friday night at 12:30 a.m. and "they" have put out a 10M "bounty" on whoever ratted them out. The 8.5 T theft was recovered and back in place by Sunday night.
The overnight delay was caused by the Frenchman, MR GUI ( "Gee") who was in on the theft and the attempted trade  described above. He has personally been blocking deliveries for six weeks.  Having arrived in Charlotte from New York he did the dastardly deed and continued his arrogant "nobody can touch me" attitude. Today he learned that no matter how big, or how strong or how fast you are there is always someone bigger, stronger, faster. Today he was offered a choice; resign or face a firing squad. He resigned after which the planes left to position the packs for delivery tomorrow.
And so it is, delivery tomorrow.
                casper   9-10-08