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CASPER UPDATE: September 8, 2008

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Good evening LANDLORDS. 
You can now say nobody owns more "kitchen tables" than you. A million houses decreasing in value every day.  About 5 Trillion dollars worth.  Congratulations.
pssst.....don't tell the talking heads but Wa Mu (Washington Mutual Bank) went belly up today. "They" will probably ALLOW you to know tomorrow. Who will bail the nations largest S.&L.? Why you dear reader, that's who.
The news today/tonight is super duper great. Our goodies are moving toward us and Shrub was forced to sign "hold harmless" agreements meaning WE are held harmless by him and his robots at HLS. Any trouble and he is to be arrested.
The sharpest of the sharpies arrived from abroad and uncovered all the buried bones in B.of A. and the other Banks, a really big pile of buried bones. All the D.C. thieves must repay stolen funds along with BUSH's BANDITS.
WE hear the Bankers are up to their a__es in alligators.
Even Treasury and the Supreme Court are getting their day under the magnifying glass.
If you are hearing about stolen funds they are all back in place now.
Did you hear OBAMA's comment to George Stephenopolis??(spelling)-----"Your right George, McCain has not attacked me for my Muslim Faith". Remember the comment from his book, "If it comes to it I will stand with the Muslims". Have you read Maureen Dowds (democrat) piece in Wash Post this weekend (or N.Y. times) ??? "All those millions of dollars in small contributions are coming from Muslim countries and are traceable to a small number of foreign credit cards."  In another recent "slip of the tongue" OBAMA says "I am going to campaign in all 57 states". Every year since 1999 the Organization of Islamic States has presented to the United Nations a resolution on Human Rights. There are 57 Islamic States. WAKE UP AMERICA.
Once again this should be "it" friends. From all of US we sing---"Happy trails to you, until we meet again".
                  casper & associates