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CASPER UPDATE: September 6, 2008

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"Hunch" = A guess or feeling not based upon known facts. a premonition or suspicion.
Why the unexpected 4 hour meeting in New York?
Why the simultaneous Paulson/Bernake/Freddie/Fannie meeting in D.C.?
Why the simultaneous sabotage of deliveries?
If the banks illegal trading using our funds as collateral was shut down, if, as the wire services report, Paulson is to "creatively use" the authorities provided him by Congress last month to bail Freddie/Fannie,
If the illegal trading activity using our funds as collateral is being continued using Treasury's Traders,
Would this not explain the mysterious, bizarre, unexpected sabotage of deliveries yesterday?
Is this "trading vehicle" we are all now familiar with not unique to the fiat currency regime? Do we not expect the overnight creation of "monopoly money" to cease with the new banking system and asset backed currency regime?
From where are the funds to come to bail the debt holders of Freddie/Fannie after the equity holders have been wiped out?
Is the continued illegal trading by Treasury Traders using our funds as collateral PAULSON'S "creative" method of bailing Freddie/Fannie? 
Just a hunch.
Well guess what. It's not "just a hunch" anymore. Confirmation of the above which was typed earlier this morning has just arrived. The attempted trade was BLOCKED.
In our judgement this also confirms that those in the New York meeting knew and were participants in this latest scam/sabotage.  
WE await further developments and will report when possible.
             casper    9-6-08  a.m.