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CASPER SECOND UPDATE: September 5, 2008

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By noon Friday WE were hearing the Banks books are a terrible mess.
By early afternoon we heard the Congress was threatening the Examiners with loss of budgets and funding and attempting to stop the Audits after BUSH and the QUEEN had failed to do so.
By late afternoon all had gone stone cold silent causing great anxiety as to whether the military/bank examiner nexus exist and is holding together in the face of enormous pressure from many quarters most of whom have been riding the illegal gravy train.
Have the Examiners been bribed? Poisoned? Have their children been kidnapped? All these things and more have happened in the past.
Many sources anticipated early afternoon status report calls that never came. Deliveries were promised this afternoon, announcements tonight, with fur to fly simultaneously on several fronts. The promised phone calls began coming late afternoon from the meeting in New York. The message given in each case was "authorized" for release from within the meetings, "DELIVERIES ARE ON GO". Nothing else is supposed to be said including actual timing. So far four sources have received these calls from meeting participants.
WE are hearing about a simultaneous meeting in D.C. involving PAULSON, BERNAKE, FREDDIE and FANNIE which will "result in announcements soon" which will "shock the stock market in a positive way". Relevance, if any, unknown.
WE would like to end this update right here, right now. Unfortunately there is another story we are obligated to report if we are to remain true to you and to ourselves.
This report says the Bank Examiners have folded under pressure from BUSH. They were threatened, this report says, with loss of jobs, pensions and retirement benefits among other things. They gathered the trigger packs together and sent them back to D.C. where we hear they have again been intercepted prior to arriving at the court. The packs have been throughly screwed up, intentionally, by the Auditors and Bank Examiners themselves. Not tampered with per se, but N.Y. to Texas, Florida to California, that sort of thing.
This intell originates with the Bank Examiners themselves. If true it means the packs will have to be resorted and repositioned and this blockage overcome.
How to reconcile such diverse info?? The meetings lasted until late in the day, the calls came afterwards. This sabotage was apparently going on as the meetings were taking place. WE have no other explanation at this time. Like you we hope there is some other unknown explanation, or that this report is not accurate, but as we said, it is coming from one of them who was pleading for understanding of the position they are in. It may be that the Illuminati Banks and their Federal Reserve system are forcing "their own" examiners to cooperate in the war to save their system no matter how corrupt it is and only god knows the tactics being employed against these people who were on our side just yesterday.
Even if this is completely accurate we have experienced sabotage many times before and as the folks on our side of this sorry game learn the facts they do what must be done to overcome BUSH allies and BUSH victims if that is what they are.
BREAKING NEWS 10 p.m. Friday night
WE now hear todays delays and sabotage was orchestrated from NEW YORK and those reporting "good news" from within those meetings were in on it.
WE also hear "outside" pressure (not military) is being brought to bear upon the Bank Examiners.
WE will seek further clarification tomorrow ( Sat.) and update when possible.
                    casper   9-5-08