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CASPER UPDATE: September 5, 2008

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Now for today's episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS.
BUSH calls the Chief Bank Examiner-again-this time threatening to have the Military enter the Banks and remove the examiners. "Oh really", says this fellow who, unlike the bunny rabbits Fitzgerald and the Provost, has become an overnight PROFILE IN COURAGE. "Why don't you call them as they will not be following your orders".
 WE can not explain this statement further but it indicates, does it not, that the examiners "know the score"?
The other banks mentioned in the update last evening have also been engaged in setting up fraudulent accounts in our names and subsequent illegal trading. These FRAUDS, led by BUSH and the QUEEN are massive, unbelievable in their magnitude and involves payoffs to most sitting politicians and many many retired politicians. It also involves TRUMP, GATES and the VATICAN. The QUEEN is DEMANDING that BUSH "get those Auditors out of her banks", she doesn't care how, just do it. BUSH is trying. He says "the American people will never know about this. Never". The QUEEN says she was only taking her "normal" banking commissions, that she would never embezzle from her "subjects".  The Examiners are responding to all this by saying this is a case of massive embezzlement and has become a matter of national security and that Presidential Executive Orders will not be obeyed and that BUSH's Executive Power in this matter has ended.
 The military has refused to go in and stop the Examiners work.
Three plane loads of European Bankers arrived around midnight last night and are here to assist in the funding process. Trustees were back in the banks yesterday preparing again to pay out their programs.
WE continue to hear deliveries today and we hear this massive corruption will not be swept under the rug. WE hear announcements will be tonight. Be sure you are sitting down whenever they come.
               casper    9-5-08