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CASPER SECOND UPDATE: September 4, 2008

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The QUEEN, now back in ENGLAND, called the Federal Banking Examiners to say "you have no right to be in my bank, no authority over the packages and I want you out. "Is this a Federal Bank" they asked? We will leave if you wish and we will close every B.of A. bank in the United States tonight. "Oh no no don't do that". Then the most corrupt President in the history of the United States calls and orders the examiners out. "Are you involved in this embezzlement" they asked? "I am the President and I am ordering you to leave". "You have no authority in this matter Mr. President, this is a matter of embezzlement from a Federal Banking Institution. You have no authority over us"
The foremost Examiners and Auditors, having arrived this morning at B.of A. banks in Charlotte, Los Angeles, Wash. D.C. and New York, have now called in additional teams of auditors to all banks in which the QUEEN owns an interest including Wachovia, Chase, CITI. and Wells Fargo.
Auditors will be in these banks tonight and will stay as long as necessary to identify and trace the Trillions stolen by the QUEEN, BUSH and BANK PERSONNEL. "They" have used our accounts as collateral to conduct weekly trades for the last 36 months splitting the profits 50% to the QUEEN and the remainder to BUSH and the BANK.
State Auditors have been called in to assist the Federal Auditors. They say they will find and demand the repayment of every dime. The packages are out and the Auditors, having informed the Queen they are now in control, are doing whatever is necessary to see that the packs are delivered tomorrow. The funds represented by our cards and checks are not lost or stolen, they were simply used as collateral for these illegal trades. They are good upon receipt.
WE think we can safely conclude that TRUMP and GATES have little to look forward to other than EXPOSURE as the "white trash" they have become.
What could go wrong over night? Who knows when dealing with these scumbags.
WE expect delivery tomorrow.
                   Casper   9-4-08   evening
P.S.  If we could think of anything stronger than white trash and scumbags we would use it.