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CASPER UPDATE: September 4, 2008

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Having been intercepted on the tarmac and turned around yesterday the packs made it back as far as the Bastards and Associates Regional Banks last night where they were stopped on orders of the QUEEN.
Federal Bank Examiners have been hard at work inside three of the largest B.ofA. banks. They have discovered that the Bastards and Associates Bank have set up a fraudulent account for every recipient in every program, a step necessary to enable them to use the funds on the cards and the checks as collateral for continuous trading and as collateral for loans with 50% of the profits going to the QUEEN and the other 50% to themselves and their helpers. This has been underway since the QUEEN bought into B.of A. BANC several years ago and further explains why she could not afford to have the packs delivered. The amounts involved are into the T's. This is illegal of course, and outright FRAUD by both the QUEEN and the BANC.
The outcome, consequences and repercussions of this will be explained at a later time.
The Bank Examiners have ordered the packages out for immediately delivery and "no excuses will be accepted". They have left the regional Bastards and Associates Banks for delivery tonight or tomorrow, tomorrow being more likely.
                   casper   9-4-08