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CASPER UPDATE: September 3, 2008

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The QUEEN arrived around 10p.m. Monday night to "deal with B.of A. and get the trigger packs out".
Tuesday it appeared she was taking care of business, the packs were again going to the banks for distribution to us today. What she was actually doing was getting the packs under her control under false pretenses and attempting another massive double cross involving T's she was splitting with TRUMP, GATES. BUSH and others. MI5 and MI6, it turns out, were following her orders when they failed to deliver. TRUMP owes incredible sums and even has loan sharks after him. He told allies yesterday the QUEEN was getting "his money" for him today, tax free, and he would clear all his debts. We assume the 20B Gates loaned BUSH was also part of the deal. The QUEEN was caught red-handed and her scam was blocked. SHE,TRUMP and GATES and others ended up empty handed and mad as hornets.
The "story-line" hitting the streets right now says banks are not in compliance including CHASE, CITI and B.of A.. They are not in compliance because BUSH and the QUEEN have ordered them not to.
WE spent years informing you of the QUEENS never ending sabotage of the programs. Monday we were doubtful she had "got religion" but dutifully reported-as we were being informed- that she was now on our side and overcoming the latest blockage by B.of A. although we were choking on the words as they were being typed. We knew Monday of her scheduled arrival that night but believed it was in our best interest to keep it quiet as requested. Sure enough she got the packs out and moved them to the banks to provide cover for what she was really doing which was and is one of the largest double-crosses yet attempted.
The Banks themselves acknowledged possession and the intent to deliver this morning. Instead, following the QUEENS orders (and no doubt BUSHES as well) the packs were returned to the SUPREME COURT. There will be no deliveries today. In addition, she is claiming the St. Germain trust "belongs to her"-all of it.
All of the forward progress and the make ready and the card swiping and the positioning you may hear about each day is true, but it is equally true the banks sent the packs back to the court at 9:30 p.m. last night and without these deliveries the thousands of people around the world working to get the job done have again been "stiffed" just like you and me.
What now? What next? WE don't know. WE can only report the facts for the world to see as best we can as fast as we can then, like you, we must await further developments and trust this latest sabotage will be dealt with.
For those, especially those in Europe, who think the QUEEN can be trusted let this be the final lesson in that respect.
                  casper   9-03-08