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CASPER UPDATE: August 29, 2009

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WE have been unable to confirm the rumor that BUSH SENIOR was arrested Thursday morning although many sources say they heard about it.
Also unconfirmed is the rumor that someone has offered a million dollars for a copy of OBAMA's senior thesis which he and COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY have conveniently "lost".
WE can confirm that the television program Inside Edition has sent a reporter to Indonesia to visit the Catholic school Obama attended where he was "registered" as Barry Soetoro and his religion listed as Islam. This news is also on U-Tube.
As the audience wept, especially the Hollywood crowd, the Democrats put on a show fit for Caesar himself. Tax cuts for everyone, free health care, free college education, free free free, vote for me and its all free. Socialist kool-aid for a socialist audience. Now comes the Republican dog and pony, the opposite side of the same coin just a different flavor of kool-aid. Whoever wins it will be business as usual as they are all controlled by and at the mercy of the bond holders and the Illuminati financial interest and which ever "special interest" they are aligned with.
Now to business: 
After the delays caused by INTERPOL the MI6 boys took over took possession of the trigger packs and assisted, unexpectedly, with the sabotage and the delays. Then MI5, supposedly controlled by the Queen, acquired possession of the packages and informed the Queen and several European countries (which informed us) they would be delivered today. Notice that all Western Intelligence Agencies are helping with the delays and disinfo campaigns as deliveries result in announcements of the Constitution and banking changes and lord knows what all else affecting them.. WE were informed the packs were on the move again Thursday afternoon leading us and all sources to expect deliveries today, Friday, August 29th.. Now we are advised that MI5 was lying to the Queen and all others, that the packs have been taken from them and that all MI5 personnel have been recalled with the Queen saying she will deal with them over there. These are International packages hence the involvement of these "foreign agencies" taking over from the domestic saboteurs BUSH, CHENEY, PAULSON, CHERTOFF, ROBERTS, BERNAKE, etc. who appear to have been hogtied.
Are all western Intel agencies to be exposed and therefore cooperating in the delays? Will decades of criminal acts become public? Or is it simply that the continued funding of their BLACK OPS BUDGETS  are dependent upon the existing financial/political nexus? Are BUSH & Q still partners and are MI6, MI5, INTERPOL, etc. actually following their orders while Q acts flabergasted she was "lied to"?  NO, we don't think so. Our Intel says she and BUSH are now at odds and she wants this done and over with and announcements made promptly. WE hear MI5 did lie to her and the other countries and have been called home as a result.
Thousands of Trustees around the world were instructed to be in the Banks at 1:30 U.S. time today and to expect an 18 hour day. That would be 7:30 a.m. in Europe and reflects preparation for IMF funding next week, Tuesday we think. Remember, we go first. WE hear the banking change (Basel II) did occur at 12:01 a.m. this morning as scheduled but do not consider this confirmed yet. It is "single sourced". This is such an important event we are looking forward to further confirmation from STORY or other messengers.
Things are very hush hush right now. WE have not been able to determine who took the trigger packs from MI5 or their present location. We are explaining, as best we can, the lack of deliveries today as at this hour last evening every source we have was certain of today. Tonight we hear we are VERY POSSIBLE FOR TOMORROW. This game of shuffling the packs between people, courts, departments and Intell Agencies Bribed or Blackmailed by BUSH and his allies has become a daily affair. WHY? Because, as we have pointed out again and again, these are the packs which trigger announcements and the other dominoes. Over the past year we have confirmed this several ways including the World Court, the World Bank and major sources in China.
WE do not think anything is wrong that has not been overcome as we have so much peripheral data supporting deliveries literally at any moment, the above being just one important example.
This seems an appropriate moment to remind everyone that "we don't know everything". Since the bad guys realize, from these reports if not from telephone/computer taps, that several hundred thousand of us are watching their every move around the clock, who knows what levels of intrigue are being employed here. They are pro's, WE are amateurs. They are CORRUPT, WE are not. OUR interest are protected by those who are also pro's and who are not corrupt.
As the second convention begins Monday with BUSH junior scheduled to speak that evening, and assuming GUSTAV (nickname for a Russian artillery piece) does not interfere, common sense dictates delv and announcements before Monday night, but you and we know how valuable common sense has been don't we?
If the good guys were not controlling the outcome INTERPOL or MI6 or MI5 or ROBERTS would still have possession and they do not. Therefore be frustrated but not depressed. Odds are good for weekend deliveries.
                   casper   8-29-08