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CASPER UPDATE: August 27, 2008

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The over night reaction to yesterdays updates originating from the usual group of Gordon Emmert, Mark Swanson, Alan Babin, Chuck Siebert and, on occasion, "Poof" is another demonstration of the blind leading the blind. Their "sources" are each other. Of this group only Poof has any idea what is going on in the world as he has a good understanding of the big picture even though his understandings reflect a European perspective while the problems for the last two or more years are of U.S./BUSH origin. The others couldn't pour p__s out of a boot if they cooperated in the endeavor.
WE learned early on there will always be people like these. Unable to determine what is going on from their "sources" they sit in the stands and throw tomatoes at those who spend thousands of dollars monthly to get at and report the truth to you without cost. Fortunately the vast majority of you appreciate what WE do and your hundreds of "thank yous'" have been acknowledged by us on Fourwinds. Thank you again.
Much of what WE know is NEVER posted. WE push hard to tell things considered top secret sometimes getting a yes and sometimes a big fat  NO. The reason for a "no" is that everyone, including US, are doing all possible to help get the deliveries done. Sometimes, such as yesterday, exposure is in OUR best interest and sometimes silence is required. Most times WE follow our guidance, sometimes WE don't.
In addition to yesterday's accurate information there is more we could not report for the sake of getting the deal done. Overnight the Queen has demanded that MI6 also be dissolved along with INTERPOL and also the lifting of Executive Orders placed upon the carriers by the President. NOBLE and a dozen others at INTERPOL have been arrested. There is more we cannot report at this time.  STORY'S last two updates referring to request for his silence is a further reflection of the sensitivity of behind the scenes maneuvering.
Disinfo teams hard at work misleading sources? Well gee whiz, who would have thunk it?
Friends, there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. There is nothing wrong with ignorance unless it is willful. Stupid is as stupid does. Those who know nothing and apparently have no source other than each other have again put their stupidity on display for the world to see. What's worse, they appear proud of their stupidity.
 OUR Intel may be single sourced when an urgent need arises as it did yesterday but for the most part it is confirmed three or four different ways before it is posted. By last evening all important sources knew what had happened. How is it that all our important sources know or learn quickly the latest tricks of BUSH & CO.? It is because they are highly placed in many countries, are on "our" side and work at it night and day as do we. Thank goodness we are at the end of this long and winding road, and your need to discern truth from ignorance from stupidity is ending. Those mentioned above walk through the cow pasture stepping in and spreading each others  s__t and even after the passage of a full day and a night and another half day they still have not caught up with Intel now 36 hours old and counting.  Others are referring to the above group as idiots, fools and jackass's. Not us, as WE think their public display of STUPIDITY is sufficient unto the moment.
                casper    8-28-08