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The packs are now out of the court and on the move for delivery tomorrow. WE are requested not to say "who done it".
Today's earlier report went to each of the 180++ member nations of INTERPOL. The reaction was immediate and violent. 
Those who question today's earlier report have no clue what goes on day after day.
By late afternoon the Intel reported earlier had been confirmed by sources around the world including who was doing what to overcome INTERPOL'S sabotage and the coming consequences for those involved. One major European source commented "Is there anything, anything at all you guys can not find out about"? He then confirmed the intell as have several other sources this afternoon.
WE often know what is going on well before the biggest Trustee's in the U.S. and the World. HOW?
Because we watch the packs.
Most member nations are now demanding a top to bottom reorganization of INTERPOL due today's problem with many member nations demanding the immediate dissolution of the entire totally corrupt U.S. controlled organization.
This "problem" was known early this morning and a full day of activity on a world scale has overcome the problem and still some messengers don't yet know about the problem much less the solution.
                  casper   8-26-08   evening