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CASPER UPDATE: August 26, 2008

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WE hear the packs, picked up from the court by INTERPOL several days ago under a "Command Order" signed by several nations and likely the World Court, have been returned to the Supreme Court overnight on orders of Ronald K. Noble, the head man of INTERPOL who admitted last night he is taking his orders from GEORGE BUSH SENIOR and stating they will not be delivered until and unless George Bush Senior gives the okay to do so.
NOBLE, former Under Secretary of the Treasury, controlled the Secret Service, BATF, FINCIN and other departments prior to taking over INTERPOL. Google Interpol and click on General Secretariat for more information.
WE are aware of the reports from sources and messengers saying delivery today and so were we as of last night.  Of course WE wish to be wrong and we hope and pray the other sources/messengers are correct. 
With this update WE are conveying status as WE understand it to those around the world who can and will do something about this current blockage if in fact our Intel is accurate.
This man NOBLE was, if memory serves, CLINTONS number one cover-up artist during the Clinton years and his name surfaced often during the years of Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City.
How a development such as this could possibly happen at the last minute is beyond our current understanding.
Again, we hope and pray our Intel is simply wrong but WE are not in the habit of being wrong and if this is correct the sooner "our" people around the world learn of this the sooner they can do something about it. 
More when available.
             Casper   8-26-08