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CASPER UPDATE: August 23, 2008

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As has happened before the absolute final thing to be done turns out to be not the last thing. Just when WE are certain all is ready to go we learn of something else we had no idea about until it has either just been done or is underway and that is the situation this weekend.
It is true there was additional sabotage mid-week which had to be dealt with and which was taken care of by the end of the week. Simultaneously other loose ends were taken care of such as signatures and computer make-ready. Now we learn of other last minute items being taken care of in Paris this weekend involving various VIP's, a step WE knew nothing about.
There are many many facets to turning on multiple faucets more or less simultaneously and it is difficult to understand which step goes with which facet. Also, there is a "staggered start" meaning the first domino triggers the next and so on so all dominoes had to be made ready for the starting gun.
Negative things you hear day after day were likely true at the time you heard them but, as always, are dealt with quickly and there is zero "hang over" from last week to the best of our knowledge. WE now anticipate deliveries no later than mid-week and the truth be told we expect them to begin sooner in the U.S. in order to release those other dominoes.  The bad guys have, we hear, been put in their place and no further interference is expected.
They say "a watched pot never boils". Well friends, there has never in history been a pot more closely watched than this one, and this sucker is boiling over.
They also say "all good things come to those who wait". We didn't have much choice did we? It's been hard of course, very hard, and we have lost so many along the way. Short of another 9-11, or nuclear war, our long wait is about to end so lets remember, those we lost, lets revisit our plans for the future, lets look again at the humanitarian request posted on Fourwinds.
Lets remember to help those who brought forth truth when they were living hand to mouth.
And, finally, lets watch closely to see, just how much truth the people will be allowed to know.
                   casper    8-23-08