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CASPER THIRD UPDATE: August 20, 2008

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The Politicians are the WHORES, the PIMPS on "K" Street are called "lobbyist" and the "JOHNS" are any "special interest" with enough money to purchase themselves a place in the ever growing line of Johns, managed by the Pimps, awaiting their turn to bribe the Whores. This scam is called "government". The inevitable outcome is that the CORPORATE POLITICIANS work for the richest Private Corporations, Banks, GSE'S and THEMSELVES not WE THE PEOPLE.
Of the dozens of blatant examples of this one of the most obvious was the repeal of the bankruptcy laws. The banks and credit card company's, having purchased the financial committee's of the House and Senate, can now chase you forever. The destruction of your financial life, loss of all assets and credit by filing for bankruptcy, is no longer sufficient suffering as the bought and paid for political WHORES have changed the "law" allowing the banks and their collection agencies to chase you for the remainder of your days on this earth. "THEY" do not work for "US".
 All holders of the common stock of Freddie and Fannie are destined to lose everything, including the pension funds, as the bribed politicians protected these institutions from oversight and regulation while management was paid tens of millions per year to "manage" the scams and use internal funds to pay the bribes (170M acknowledged so far). Now it will all be laid off on the "taxpayer bailout" scam now that all the "players' have extracted every possible dollar. The same has happened and will continue to happen with the Wall Street Investment Banks and now the "FED" is saying they may be open to bailing out International Banks and Financial Entities needing liquidity created "out of thin air" as debts domestic and foreign are laid upon the American people in the form of currency devaluation by the FED resulting in rising prices for all consumable items. In other words, "they" are monetizing all debt no matter how corruptly created to try to preserve the status quo and betting your grand children's future in the process. It's going to get worse. Don't be fooled by the ability of Central Banks, acting in concert, to temporarily manipulate the markets. Don't be fooled by the words of Paulson and Bernake and Politicians as they work together to keep truth suppressed. They have not even begun to tell the truth about the seriousness of the overall problems. The larger question is, was it caused by greed, corruption and incompetence? Or is this the (DVD) intentional destruction of America as reported by STORY? And, where is the Thomas Jefferson inflation/deflation tipping point? Already "assets" of all kinds are deflating rapidly and the crisis, exported internationally via the sale of phony financial instruments, is resulting in "demand destruction" on a world scale, a highly deflationary scenario. The overhang of trillions of dollars of devaluing debt and derivatives booked at very questionable values also spells deflation, an outcome even worse than inflation.  Our deliveries, debt forgiveness, announcements and the flushing of the D.C. toilet will change the equation but to what extent no one knows. The elections are another wild card regarding intervention and manipulation if in fact they actually occur. The announcements are expected to flush the CORPORATION, the "administrators" of the Bankruptcy, i.e. the Admiralty Courts and, prayerfully, the employees of the Corporation (senators and congressmen/women). The Roosevelt bankruptcy of'33, the third consecutive 70 year Bankruptcy of Nations Contract pertaining to the U.S. (as we learned from "S") expired in '03 with a five year extension to 2008-OR-was measured from Supreme Court ratification of the '33 filing in 1938 plus 70=2008. Either way we hear BUSH'S all out effort to keep the nation in bankruptcy and therefore the establishment in power has failed. WE instead expect the Bankruptcy of the beast, i.e. the CORPORATION.
Of all the top secret and suppressed documents showing what "they" did, the Bankruptcy Documents are perhaps the biggest secret of all. Having tried and failing to access the buried Roosevelt RAILCAR (New York) WE learned that a set of these documents were held in Switzerland and we managed to have some of them read to us by phone. Then the U.S. CORPORATE government ordered Switzerland to clam up and even a trip to Switzerland failed to break them loose. It was around these Bankruptcy's our REPUBLIC was stolen and our court system turned over to the "creditors" with the Admiralty Courts becoming administrators of the Bankruptcy. We were converted into a "Legislative Democracy" to be ruled by "Public Policy" rather than the Constitution, Democracy being a form of government abhorrent to our founding fathers as described in the FEDERALIST PAPERS. All agencies and Departments of the Government were Incorporated. Even the Oval Office. Even the House and Senate. Even the Cities and States. Even Law Enforcement Agencies. Even the nation itself became the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, all in direct violation of the Constitution. These CORPORATIONS have become "all powerful" and have refused to relinquish their ill gotten power through which they now control every aspect of American life. The announcements are expected to reverse all this and will, prayerfully, explain to the American people how our nation was taken from us by an utterly evil cabal known as the Illuminati while we were busy with sports and entertainment. 
WE are on the cusp of dramatic developments on several fronts including the inevitable and unstoppable disclosure of the reality of our governments interface with off earth civilizations (celestials) since the 1950's. This Intel is not nearly as secret as you think it is. Your local bookstore is loaded with books on this subject some of which contain the notarized death bed statements of men who were present when Eisenhower met with these visitors.
It is unbelievable how easily the American people have been manipulated by these Traitors who have been supported for decades by the Corporate owned media. It is appalling we the people allowed it to happen. It is vitally important, essential in fact, that if we are to recapture the REPUBLIC, the CONSTITUTION and our FREEDOM from these thugs that these things be explained to the people. Not some mamby pamby whitewash spin cast as "announcements" but the whole truth must be told for all to hear. The alternative is a fascist police state, a dictatorship no matter what "face" is put upon it. The events associated with our funding and the banking changes have exposed the D.C. criminals for all the world to see. All, that is, except the American people.
"May you live in interesting times"? Interesting times my foot, these are once in several lifetimes HISTORICAL times which will be read about and studied a hundred years from now.
The seriousness and the gravity of what is happening cannot be overstated. Every aspect of our future, our nations future and our grand children's future is at stake here.
WE remain convinced, GOD wins-BUSH loses. 
                     casper   8-20-08
p.s. late news has sources debating "still possible today" vs "it will be tomorrow".