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CASPER UPDATE: August 19, 2008

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Since last Friday the best professional hackers in the world, assisted by Bill Gates, have been trying to get into our accounts. Gates has loaned BUSH 20 Billion Dollars and was trying to get the money back from the only pot available---our accounts,-- which of course was the planned piggy bank for Putin, the New York MOB, Dubai, etc.
Do you suppose the ORACLE of OMAHA's money was involved in this? Do you suppose he knows what the beneficiary of his billions has been up to?
PUTIN was offered his money by another country today to relieve the extreme pressure involved there. PUTIN said no, I will accept payment only from GEORGE BUSH PERSONALLY.
It's been a war zone in D.C. today.
PAULSON was threatening Treasury personnel today with arrest for Treason under the Patriot Act if they did their jobs allowing us to be paid. With the backing of (can't name names) these courageous servants of WE THE PEOPLE said to PAULSON, WE DARE YOU!!! We are ready to blow the top off this corrupt place. PAULSON backed down, signatures took place, 130 programs released for immediately delivery. This followed the arrival of BIS personnel and others accompanied by armed guards last evening who determined our funds were still safe, completed their task and departed.
Packs are AGAIN on the move, deliveries are expected tomorrow.
The NEW YORK MOB is no longer a problem. WE hear they had some visitors who explained the facts of life to them. Turns out even they have "bosses".
WE hear there are 750, or 1600 or 5000 indictments coming down depending upon source. WE hear the PROVOST has finally found the courage to do his job and a dozen WARRANTS for the biggest of the big are to be served tonight. DEAR MR. PROVOST MARSHAL, should you lose your breakfast AGAIN, Be aware there are large numbers of volunteers ready to assist you. For the good of the nation man, do your job. Do you realize how much of this trauma and brinkmanship could have been avoided had you done your job six months ago?
Must world war break out before you will honor your oath?????
               casper   8-19-08
To certain despicable "AGENCY TYPES" who continue to threaten and harass PATRIOTS we say "your day is coming".