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CASPER UPDATE: August 18, 2008

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Are you sitting down?
The INVESTORS in the FREEDOM PROGRAM, a level above the "participants", have been blocking the Freedom payout and therefore the payout of all programs for eight years. The Freedom "INVESTORS" are primarily MAFIA and also include DONALD TRUMP and BILL GATES. They were trying to get lawsuits filed by participants so deliveries could be blocked permanently.
Last Friday afternoon BUSH met with the NEW YORK MAFIA at the ranch in Crawford. BUSH has borrowed one Trillion Dollars from the MOB which in turn had borrowed it from someone else.
The day before, after being CAUGHT transferring Treasury money to Dubai, JOHN ROBERTS, thinking he could get himself off the hook, had "ratted out" the JUSTICE DEPT., the SUPREME COURT, BUSH, CLINTON, CHENEY and SENATORS and CONGRESSMEN participating in these thefts and illegal money movements. When ROBERTS subsequently learned his last gasp for freedom had bought him no immunity, ROBERTS and BUSH acting together, ordered the packs back into the court where they were this morning. Roberts then threatened to BURN EVERY PACK IN EVERY PROGRAM.
Among the demands being made by BUSH, ROBERTS, TRUMP, GATES, THE MOB, etc. were complete immunity for all, money sent to DUBAI released to them, all FREEDOM money to be released to them not the participants, all confiscated bank accounts released, all calling of loans to be cancelled, etc. etc. etc....
TRUMP, GATES, BUSH and others outstanding loans have been called and he (TRUMP) can't pay. He sought relief from BUSH who is in the same boat unable to repay the 1T borrowed from the MOB plus oh so much more. BUSH sent TRUMP to DUBAI where he was turned down flat.
While all this was unfolding between Thursday of last week and today the NEW YORK MOB and the CIA were telling key people "this is what we and BUSH are doing and there is nothing anyone can do about it. We are taking all the money". For record keeping purposes neither Chicago or Seattle were in on this with New York. As bank accounts were being frozen, loans called, etc. CHELSEA CLINTON is reported to have said "How will I live. My daddy stole this money legally".
Meanwhile attempts were being made by this sorry bunch to bribe the wrong man in the Far East who called TRUMP, GATES and their MOB allies and informed them as to how the cow ate the cabbage, I.e. stick it where the sun don't shine.
ROBERTS threats to burn every package resulted in the packages being removed from the court this afternoon and they are enroute for delivery tomorrow unless the current crop of BUSH CRIMINALS copies the bootlegging great grandpa BUSH and physically hi-jacks the trucks on the roadways.
GATES, TRUMP, BUSH etc. had great projects planned so as to whitewash years of criminal behavior while playing Santa Claus with stolen money.
Lets see now, 7.1T owed DUBAI, one T to the New York MOB, lots of Billions to PUTIN, a T here, a T there, first thing you know we are talking serious money. Poor DONALD, BUSH and others owe everyone on the planet and can't pay, loans called, no way to pay, accounts frozen, no one wants to hear their sad story and the financial world beginning to learn the true extent of the corruption.
Oh, did WE mention that all the FREEDOM INVESTORS MONEY IS BEING FORFEITED TO THE FREEDOM PARTICIPANTS? "We do not need or deserve this money" they said. Poor GATES and TRUMP and MOB affiliates, when is enough enough? Bet a bunch lose a bunch. SEVEN AND OUT BOYS.
                  casper   8-18-08
p.s. your turn brother STORY.