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CASPER UPDATE: August 17, 2008

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Attempts to steal the money, led by both BUSH'S continued throughout the week while ROBERTS, in control of Treasury and Brinks, continued to delay the deliveries.
The funds owed PUTIN by BUSH are much greater now than reported by STORY with PUTIN saying pay me now-or else.
It was an extremely intense week on several fronts with casper wanting to report the daily blow by blow. Not that we know everything, but we do know a bunch of things we were asked to be quiet about while things were being handled behind the scenes. When cautioned in this way we defer to the wishes of those who are struggling mightily to get the packages into our hands.
WE have previously used the analogy of riding BODACIOUS, the famous big bad bull, around the clock. Our behinds are very sore but we are still holding onto the rope and follow the twisting and turning of all relative aspects as best we can. It has been a knife fight between the big boys this past week with moves and counter moves each day. Those who report "all is well, no problems" apparently haven't a clue about the difficulties being dealt with each day.
The week ended with more attempts by BUSH Friday again trying to derail things.  Already his desperate last minute moves have been countered. Problems are handled as quickly as possible and deliveries remain imminent. If, after deliveries, we are allowed to fill in the blanks for you we will gladly do so.
This is no time to lose faith friends. Stay ready.
                 casper  8-17-08