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CASPER UPDATE: August 7, 2008

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It appears BUSH has lost interest in the USA/CHINA basketball game he intended to watch Sunday in Beijing and will instead leave after the opening ceremonies. Skipping the baseball game to. Hmmmm.
BUSH left the U.S. failing to sign off on the bankruptcy of the CORPORATION as scheduled and stiffed the high level Chinese Officials he left sitting in the Whitehouse as he and Laura snuck out and made for the plane at Andrews (Air Force One).
Having landed in Alaska he tried three times to change planes and make for Dubai. For some reason he could not or did not want AFO to be seen in Dubai. He was stopped each time by ???...
Before leaving the U.S. he had used the stolen codes to move the contents of 40,000 of our accounts totaling 3T into an account in Dubai in his name and the name of the Dubai Government. This was proof positive for Dubai that he was in the process of stealing our money successfully and that an additional 4T would be arriving soon as promised by BUSH. On this basis DUBAI loaned BUSH 7.1T he desperately had to have upon arrival in China having stiffed them in the Whitehouse. His plane was met in So. Korea and Thailand by ??? and would have been met in DUBAI had he made it there. By the time he landed in CHINA the extremely secure DUBAI account containing our 3T had been emptied and the money returned to our accounts. The 4T never arrived DUBAI. Suddenly CHINA has their money, DUBAI is left holding the bag with BUSH's I.O.U. for 7.1T in it.
What, I hear you asking, could BUSH possibly have done with the 7.1T borrowed from DUBAI and now repaid to the Chinese. Do you remember our DOZENS of reports regarding his having purchased (almost)everyone involved and everyone in sight? Thousands were bribed. Some of those were not one time payments.  
Perhaps he is headed for DUBAI to beg for his life? Perhaps he is scrambling to try again to steal the money so he can repay DUBAI.
Dubai saved CITI (temporarily)..  Oil Sheiks (Arabs) swimming to BUSH's rescue again and again until they finally learn the cost of trusting the BUSHES. 7.1T is a bunch of money even in DUBAI where Laura has bought a home and Halliburton and Cheney are running to. Wonder if this crimp their plans to pay Hillary's campaign debts?
As the above was unfolding JOHN ROBERTS again decides he is KING of the United States and blocks our deliveries which were to happen yesterday. Our report yesterday that deliveries would be today was with knowledge of a certain phone call to Roberts yesterday from CHINA. After certain realities were explained to him including the warning that he would be hung out to dry by BUSH who had subsequently (in CHINA??) finally signed off on the CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY and paid CHINA their 7.1T ROBERTS agreed to let go the "trigger packs" from the court around 2 p.m. yesterday. It's late afternoon Thursday, deliveries are not occurring which can only mean that with or without instructions from BUSH ROBERTS has stopped them again. WE think ROBERTS personally goes into the toilet with the BUSH'S so he may be acting on his own especially in view of BUSH having signed a new pile of papers in CHINA.
Now that CHINA has their money we can only trust in their good intentions that they will not let up and will follow through with their warnings, whatever they may be, and will see to it that we and the Countries receive our packages/money. This is NOT the CHI-COMS.
Under these circumstances it appears primary responsibility goes back to BRUSSELS which has had to endure their fair share of BUSH SNAKES in their bed.
As you can understand from the above, things are far more intense than BUSH'S public persona might indicate. ROBERTS was given a deadline of noon Friday to deliver---or else. WE are not privy to what that means.
WE believe deliveries are IMMINENT. They have been and they still are. Poo Poo happens and as you can see, is dealt with immediately. Don't be discouraged over the death throws of the evil CORPORATION, FED RES, etc..
As you fishermen out there understand, it is sometimes wise to let the fish run with the bait before setting the hook. Do you suppose that is what the CHINESE did with BUSH??
              casper    8-7-08