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CASPER UPDATE: August 6, 2008

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I saw an interesting Henry Kissinger quote yesterday; "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy".
 I do hope law enforcement at all levels read this quote as it applies to them in spades. Our government is corrupt to its very core and you (law enforcement) are being "roped" into it. It is essential WE THE PEOPLE educate law enforcement officers of every stripe just as young military personnel must be educated. Martial Law vs "To Protect and Defend" may become a necessary choice for each of them. Law Enforcement must separate itself from the Judiciary and from the CORPORATION and choose to protect and defend we the people not to "enforce and oppress" the people. They must not become an instrument of the evil CORPORATE Government.  
The announcements should help them get their heads screwed on straight as WE expect the CORPORATION and its Admiralty Law (U.C.C.) court system to bite the dust immediately.
Congress has a 14% approval rating. 14% of the people believe the economy is in good or excellent shape. And a new survey by Casper this very day says 14% of the people cannot tie their own shoe laces.
Pelosi says "no vote". I and I alone shall decide. I am saving the planet. I am, like Obama, the supreme being. I am a left wing elitist environmentalist whacko like Al Gore and I shall decide what is good for you. There will be no vote. What do you think this is, a Republic? A Democracy? Are you idiots in flyover country crazy?
After the two ambassadors and a dozen helpers were arrested, flown home and subsequently "eliminated" blue skies turned gray as BUSH and company once again managed to mess with portions of our money. Remember the arrests in Brussels a week or so ago? This was a follow-on from that theft of codes. All is fixed now. BUSH was forced to seek, shall we say, extraordinary emergency financial assistance from DUBAI. They saved his bacon-again-allowing him to put stolen funds back where they belonged plus take care of other urgent obligations. WE hope they (DUBAI) don't expect to be repaid as those prospects don't look so good. He (BUSH) was destined for the soup line if he didn't meet a deadline. He did.
So, all is once again a GO. The many groups awaiting access in Europe, having been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, have now been rescheduled for Thursday-following us. Finally, after BUSH continued to play "sly ball" the good guys are now playing "hardball".
WE wonder why Bush is being followed by his extended family, including PAPA. We had reports of their hidden accounts in South Korea, Thailand and Dubai months ago.
We have now confirmed to our satisfaction that debt forgiveness is true and is part of the announcements. A defined dollar amount for each citizen over 18 years of age..
Paulson is in China at the same time as BUSH, Putin, Sarkosy, etc.. Meetings with Prime minister, President and Vice President of China. Perhaps BUSH will be allowed to "review the troops", or at least the bodies of those he helped send to the gallows. 
It's all coming down friends, all the things we have discussed for so many years. The FED and the CORPORATION and the NAU and their plans for the enslavement of the planet-all are dead.
Obama dropped 10 points in the polls last week. All is about "Even Steven" now. This may be the time to call for a third candidate, "none of the above". If we could force that onto the ballots we could really show them what we think of them. WE still expect the announcements to flush both of them.
Regarding the increasing warnings of a financial collapse we agree its coming. But what is collapsing? Is it not that privately issued illuminati debt instrument known as the FED RES DOLLAR? Along with their GESTAPO foreign based collection agency, the IRS? And do we not expect it to be replaced by a sovereign Treasury Dept. and a new asset based sovereign currency which is not a debt instrument? When the public awakes one fine morning to debt forgiveness and other goodies is the downside not greatly lessened? And is it not also true that those writing about the crash, generally speaking, know nothing about the off setting good stuff?
Regarding impending MARTIAL LAW, if BUSH could do that would he not have already done so, in advance of our deliveries? Do you think he thinks military and law enforcement could be counted on to "follow orders" to suppress, even fire upon, WE THE PEOPLE? WE don't think so. These men and women belong to us, not him. They are US.
We believe there will be a period of difficulty as the corrupt illuminati fiat system is taken down and the REPUBLIC rises like the PHOENIX from the ashes of the old.
The traitorous Politicians in D.C. are as responsible (purse strings) as BUSH for the destruction of the Constitution and the Republic. These CORPORATE EMPLOYEES deserve to be tarred and feathered and disgraced right along with the Executive and the wholly corrupt Judiciary. If the public is allowed the whole truth they won't be safe anywhere in this country.
Our time is NOW unless BUSH blows something up today. Not likely as he and Paulson have their hands full of creditors right now.
Its been grand. CHOW.
               casper   8-6-08