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Prosperity Programs and NESARA

Mark Clarke

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I call upon the Violet Flame of Transmutation and St. Germain to guide me as I write these words.
Since the beginning of our known recorded history humans have used barter and exchange in society. Since the earliest days of time, people have used items of value as a barter tool for goods and services. The dark side has always sought to control the exchange system as one method of the enslavement of man. Take for example the story of Jesus (Esu Jmmanuel Sananda) driving the money changers out of the temple. The money changers required worshipers to exchange their gifts (of spices, wares and precious metals etc.) to a specific form of currency for a fee. Over the ages the dark side has been hard at work controlling the barter or currency system that we know today as money. The dark side has been working most diligently at perfecting the money changer concept. Today we know it as fractional reserve banking. To put in simply, based on $1000 value of gold they issue $10,000 (or more) dollars or pounds. They charge the issuing government interest on every dollar or pound printed or created on a computer.. The current monetary system is The Money Changers on steroids! The primary examples of the fractional reserve predator's are The Bank of England and The Federal Reserve. These institutions are controlled not by the government but by individuals of the dark side. You are encouraged to learn more about this system of enslavement in order to prevent it from happening again.
Part of Plan 2000 by the forces of Light is to break up this monopoly game of control. This is happening before your very eyes. The financial tsunami you are witnessing is the money changers enslavement system collapsing under it's own weight. The system has become so corrupt it is unable to withstand the Light of day. Basel II and III banking protocols are being instituted which force the banks and financial institutions to open their dark books to the Light. The result is what you can read about in your news sources failure. This is part of a grand design to release humanity from the strangle hold of a corrupt financial system designed to maintain total control. Just ponder for a moment on how money and the current form of barter affects every aspect of your life!
There are many elements to Plan 2000. One of those elements is NESARA and The Prosperity Programs. St. Germain established a monetary trust fund in the 18th century. This trust fund was based upon precious metals and minerals (gold, silver, diamonds etc.). Because the funds were based upon these constant items of value, they were immune to the control of currency systems of the dark side. The value of gold and precious minerals have only increased and recently have begun to sky rocket. Look at the value of gold today against the currency systems. There are also massive reserves of precious metals and minerals hidden away from the dark side by our Mother Earth-Shan. NESARA is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. You are encouraged to learn more about it at The NESARA Act is actually part of a global plan. It is designed to dismantle the United States financial system that controls the de facto standard currency of the whole world.
When NESARA is announced and implemented the Prosperity Programs, Farm Claims and other trusts will also be released. The recipients include individuals and governments. Most of the recipients are unknown as a form of protection from dark forces. The overall plan has been kept secret as you will learn in your own research. This has been and continues to be a strategic element of the plan. The dark forces have been hard at work in preventing the enactment of the plan as you will learn in the future. When the funds are distributed some of the recipients will be required to disburse a certain percentage of their funds to others. They will be required to locate suitable persons that are willing to use the funds for the LOVE of mankind. Eventually every man woman and child on Earth-Shan will benefit from the programs. The idea is to flood the world with so much prosperity that the pursuit of happiness will become the only goal for all. Governments and individuals will be unable to use currency to control humanity.
Right now Light Workers are being encouraged to become involved and use their gifts to facilitate this plan. We are being encouraged to use the Love and Light within us to come up with personal projects to insure the use of funds for the Light. You are being asked to develop projects that you feel are worthy pursuits to help and educate all the people of Shan. This is to include projects to help restore the beauty and magnificence of Shan. If you had unlimited resources what would you do? You have been trained for this mission, now is the time to get busy and make it happen. You are encouraged to ask for guidance, use your personal interests and skills to develop projects to help bring all of mankind into the Light. We have been told over and over that Creation is NOT going to do this for us. There is not going to be a magical solution to all of the worlds problems. We are the warriors of Love and Light! We have been training for this mission for eons and now is the time to graduate and get to work. Think about it.. How did you think we were going to make a difference? This is ONLY ONE part of the overall plan. The elements of Love and Light are with you and encouraging you every step of the way. Listen to your heart and it will guide you upon your path. You will instinctively know what to do.
There are several websites to help us with funding. At this time I know of two. These websites are NOT distributing the funds. Think of them as switchboards, like you see in films from the old days of telephones. They are simply offering a place for those being funded to 'hook up' with those of us with a project plan from our hearts. They are exchange operators if you will. The time to act is now. Many of the recipients are unaware or have not kept up on the conditions of funding. When the programs release there is going to be a high demand of those funded seeking those with project plans. You are encouraged to develop a project plan that is consistent with your training as a Light Worker and your path to enlightenment. Try to be specific about things that you are skilled at and are dear to your own heart! The collapse of the Dark Cabal is imminent! Your time to shine Love and Light upon Shan has come. You are the ones we have been waiting for! You are encouraged to educate yourself before entering into the Project Plans.

You can find a great deal of information about NESARA here:

Project Switchboards Projects:
Those Fourwinds Readers, who have plans for a project to make a difference in our world following funding of the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims and the NESARA Announcements, or who already has a project in process, or who plan to help financially those, who need funds for their projects, please send your information to Fourwinds for posting on Fourwinds for others to see.
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"If you are not in a prosperity program, but have a benevolent project

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I call upon St. Germain with the Violet Light of Transmutation and the Golden Light of Love to guide you in your missions to bring Peace, Happiness and Love to Earth-Shan.