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CASPER UPDATE: July 31, 2008

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As previously reported BUSH blocked deliveries Tuesday night and that blockage continued all day Wednesday and Wednesday night and is so far continuing this morning,Thursday. WE hear he is threatening everyone within screaming distance including the Supreme Court. BUSH may be the reincarnated Caligula. He has destroyed U.S. credibility on the world stage, raped and pillaged the financial system, destroyed the Republican Party, trashed what was left of the Constitution and exposed himself as a willing puppet of Papa, Cheney, and the Illuminati NWO. If ever there was a U.S. President deserving of an extended stay at the Ha Ha Hilton he is him.
In the absence of additional hard news-at the moment-here are some observations I hope you will find interesting.
Did you know that McCain spent a full day with BUSH SENIOR at Kennebunkport last week? Hmmmm. Clinton with Brown, snakes all around. McCain and Obama have both said they would not allow deliveries if they are elected.
Did you hear about the Australian National Bank writing down their pile of poo poo paper by 90%. Then Merrill Lynch sells 31B$ for .22 cents on the dollar by funding the purchaser (Lone Star) their acquisition cost plus paying them 2.5B$ cash up front plus "take back" provisions if L.S. can't get 22 cents out of it. This is the new definition of a "sale" friends. What a joke. As we said before, they have not even begun to tell the truth about their piles of poo poo paper. Looks like something between 10 cents and 22 cents is current value and falling fast.
THEN, the accounting people, who were demanding the "off balance sheet" assets be brought onto the books which would have immediately exposed the actual existing bankruptcy of all of them, are "imposed upon" to not demand this happen now but later, much later, and slowly. Another big time financial joke. The orders are "do not tell the truth no matter what".  Delay, obfuscate, continue the cover up of asset non-values of "off the books" poo poo paper which is even worse than the "marked to model" level three assets which are themselves another Wall Street joke.
And, while "smoking" the public, go buy up all the supplies of storage food (Mountain Home) with the Billions they previously stole.
In keeping with Goldman Sachs decades long control of U.S. Government finances, Hanky Panky Paulson now announces his "covered bonds" program to try and goose mortgage financing. This particular "game" is dependent upon investors buying bonds secured by guess what? U.S. residential mortgages. What do you suppose the market is for such bonds? Another "tap dance" by Paulson.
Meanwhile the pushers of the NAU admit it has been dealt a mortal blow. This likely reflects the Canadian people telling their prime minister, whoa partner-you ain't taking us there. And, the Doha round of WTO negotiations falls through, a seven year effort I think. Looks like the NWO is taking some serious blows to their Globalization plans. This is what should happen when bureaucrats disregard the will of the people or decide that there is no need to even discuss such things with their people. The failure of the E.U. treaty is another example.
When the leadership of a nation is totally corrupt as is the case in our country, their lack of honesty, integrity and morality is quickly copied at all levels below government. The long series of corporate scandals over the last decade is an example of this. The collapse of the "gamed" securitization of the mortgage market is another. The American people donated 500M to the Katrina victims of which the Red Cross pocketed 400M for themselves in still another example. During the 20 years of the BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH cabal takeover, all aspects of American life has fallen victim to the "leadership by corruption" they represented. "I didn't touch that woman, Ms. Lewinski", on national television no less. "It depends on what the definition of is is".
 The most ignorant vote counts the same as the most informed vote. "They" control all aspects of the communication channels except the internet. As long as this is true it is not possible to properly "inform" the people so they can cast an informed vote.
Our views about the major issues have not changed. Fed Res bites the dust. New banking system. The demise of fiat currencies. The Constitution is resurrected. Bad guys are exposed. Arrest happen. Announcements shock the country out of deep sleep. All preceded by deliveries which still may occur at any time.
As you know we always have lots of peripheral Intel and all of it supports "imminent" deliveries.
              casper   7-31-08