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CASPER UPDATE: July 29, 2008

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BUSH has again stopped deliveries.
The Chinese and Japanese Ambassadors to the United States in Washington had obtained the codes to our accounts and were attempting on behalf of BUSH and themselves to access our accounts. Security personnel from their respective countries arrived and arrested the Ambassadors. BUSH had to have those codes which are now useless. 
The accounts were blocked and the codes again changed. The World Court says they "will take action". How many times have those wimps said that?
BUSH has gone berserk in the Whitehouse, stark raving mad WE hear, and has ordered the execution of those who have foiled his most recent attempt to steal the funds. Not to worry about that, he can't reach our allies.
Now he is having his traitorous flunky's at the CIA put out word that a contract has been let on him (BUSH) which is an abominable LIE being used to try to cover this latest scam.
The situation is being handled. More when available. He can delay but he can not stop. 
                        casper    7-29-08