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CASPER UPDATE: July 27, 2008 (Updated July 27, 2008)

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Casper's political commentary certainly kicked up a worthwhile conversation about the Presidential candidates with some saying "stick to the facts about our programs". The article THE REAL JOHN McCain by Roland Eyears posted on Fourwinds yesterday presents the argument against McCain very effectively. Fourwinds, it seems to me, has become one of the great educational tools of our day. If you appreciate their work why not drop Anne and Patrick a line?
Perhaps you have noticed that WE have avoided daily details of behind the scenes activities this past week. For one thing we can hardly keep up with what happens and for another it is so difficult to determine what is real and what is put out by the disinfo teams in D.C.. We know about many of the things which represent forward movement around the world each day but we are also aware of never ending attempts to stall and delay by the bad guys. Some of the things we hear about are so complex it is impossible to report the details. An example of this is the housing bill being rushed through Congress with the Presidents pen being held at the ready. This involves an attempt by the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT to claim the public is about to become responsible for a Freddy/Fannie bailout and therefore that should be part of international debt reconciliation/debt forgiveness. One "trick" after another is being attempted. Further complicating matters is the fact that there are competing interest within each power block. Just as Madame Wu was flip flopping back and forth so are certain Ambassadors to the U.S. attempting to delay things as the announcements will be an embarrassment to their countries. On any given day the push/pull of the various forces in play create further confusion as to whether they will succeed in their attempts at sabotage which never end.
Last Monday the news revolved around BUSH's latest attempt to change the order of deliveries so as to stall the announcements. This happened at the World Court where "friends" related how he was thrown out of court for the third time on this same issue. Tuesday many airplanes arrived in the U.S. carrying various law enforcement personnel who can "back up" and assist but not lead domestic personnel. Wednesday came word of hackers working for BUSH SENIOR in Switzerland being arrested followed by their attorneys being arrested. Then came word that Mr really really Big Shot in Brussels was also working for BUSH, was on the run, was caught and forced to complete his task then arrested (this is the button pushers boss). Late in the week there was Intel regarding more intentional computer glitches (Canada) and the really big boys in the U.S. being "sequestered" or "contained". Hotels and depositions were mentioned. Also, the U.S. onto the new "banking grid" and/or onto the "metals reserve standard" Thursday which allowed other things to happen around the world which, as usual, WE didn't know about or learn about until they were underway. This is a reference to computer/financial activity moving from the Far East to Europe and now into the U.S.. WE are also aware of the travels and preparation for access of the big investors, foundations and IMF Trustees in London, Germany, France and Ireland.
If one focuses only upon the positive forward movement around the world as it occurs each day and simultaneously relies upon ones very knowledgeable tried and true "sources" around the world, it is easy, it is normal, to conclude that deliveries are imminent and may occur at any moment, even today-Sunday.
And yet, the undercurrent of delay and sabotage is ever present with no way to know whether their daily activities will or will not influence the moment of delivery. By now you understand that BUSH'S signature is worthless, that he is aided and abetted by a vast array of people in key positions who have been bought and blackmailed over time who are constantly pouring super glue into the financial mechanisms. Some situations are found and fixed immediately, others require days to fix. Does this sound like we know everything? Well we most certainly do not. Some of the plans and schemes are so complex and sophisticated and occur at such a high level that the goings on regarding deliveries are used as a diversion to keep the world busy looking at something other than what they are actually doing. Into this mix of subterfuge and sleight of hand realize that the U.S. is not the only place where blockage occurs, not the only place where Traitors have been purchased and blackmailed into acts of sabotage. Today, for example, we are investigating reports of attempted sabotage by the Japanese and Chinese Ambassadors to the United States supposedly in disagreement with their own governments.
The disinformation originating in D.C. has reached hurricane levels. There is also a certain amount of confusion among "sources" right now. Under these circumstances we think it important that we emphasize that our opinions of the status of things are OPINIONS. WE believe deliveries are imminent. Some sources think that means today. Others think it means Monday or Tuesday. Every source has a set of facts and analysis and opinion they work with to arrive at their current expectations. All are just as alert and expectant as we are, most are participants.
The behind the scenes struggle is ongoing. To the death they said and they meant it. We expect the announcements (constitution, banking, etc.)  to be followed by full disclosure (suitcase, etc.) which will not only put these thieves out of business but may well make the United States uninhabitable for them and their families. As we learned from "S" the sitting Congress is a Dun and Bradstreet listed CORPORATION.  It was reconvened after the Civil War, as we learned from "S",  by Lincoln under Lieber Code Authority (Military) and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The Executive and Judicial have been incorporated and are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Our return to the Constitution flushes this den of whores and vipers and makes it extremely unlikely that Obama or McCain would survive the cleansing. 
Note the following sentence quoted from SINCLAIR'S Friday update: "This opens the PROBABILITY (emphasis added) that a modernized and revitalized Federal Reserve Gold Certificate ratio tied to the M3 will evolve into the monetary system". WE bet Sinclair knows more than he is saying. He is describing what we have been expecting. The Fed to be taken over and/or merged with Treasury (Gold vs. Fiat), a Reserve metals standard as opposed to a true Gold Standard and world  metals backed currencies with Reserves tied to each countries outstanding monetary aggregates (M3).
WE view the coming changes as irreversible and unstoppable even though the bad guys continue to fight them with their last breaths. As we have always expected individual Debt Forgiveness (actually a penalty against corrupt financial institutions) and Debt Reconciliation between nations to be part of the package often referred to as NESARA or GESARA[sic], we see the possibility of financial salvation for individuals and families even while the existing financial system collapses all around us. The more we are educated by financial articles appearing on Fourwinds, RumorMillNews, etc. the more we conclude that we are likely watching a total collapse of the existing systems, not just Bretton Woods II (petrol-dollars) but also the Banks and the unconstitutional CORPORATE UNITED STATES and it's totally corrupt GSE's which spent 170M "lobbying" re purchasing the whores in Congress. The GSE bonds totaling 1.3T no doubt contained acceleration clauses should they attempt the scams now underway and that is likely the purpose of the visit by the BIGS Monday week ago three of which were Chinese.
Remember our previous admonition that deals of this magnitude don't go south at this late stage. Deliveries are "imminent" and problems will be handled if they occur.
                 casper    7-27-08
casper 7-27-08 Sunday night
p.s. A short post script friends for you and others with a need to know.
The Chinese Ambassador to the United States in Washington D.C. has proven to be a BUSH puppet who was attempting with the help of others to access our codes and our accounts. WE hear he is in deep deep dooky and won't be needing his tickets to the  Olympics. 
For the chief a number one disinfo BUSH flunky at the CIA who has caused more grief for more innocent people than any of the other Traitors at that local, please tell your wife, Richard, that we wish her a happy retirement. You really should look into a different line of work as you are just not a very good spook. Did you think we didn't know???
                      casper  post script  7-27-08