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CASPER UPDATE: July 25, 2008

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Deliveries remain imminent, in fact they are more imminent than ever before.
Sometimes I wonder how our country can ever again be brought together. The left despises the Bush administration (with good reason) with at least the same fervor as the right despised (with good reason) the Clinton Administration.
As a life long conservative folks like me see little hope anywhere. Deserted by our own party it is coming down to a choice between voting for the extreme left (Obama) or the liberal wing of the Republican Party (McCain). Others such as Bob Barr or Preacher Baldwin of the Constitutional party have no podium, no pulpit, no money and less chance than did Ron Paul.
 It is fascinating to watch as Europe falls at the feet of Obama, who's senior thesis at Colombia can't be found. Colombia says they lost their copy. Obama says he lost his copy. His wife's senior thesis at Princeton, on the other hand, has been found and removes any doubt that she is a hair on fire died in the wool militant racist who may soon become first lady. Her position has nothing to do with civil rights. It is black first no matter how much affirmative action is required.
Jay Leno often does his "man on the street" interview asking such toughies as "who is the President of the United States". Many can not answer correctly. It is well known that most Americans can not name their Senators or Congressmen.
Do you think it true that people get the government they deserve? That such pervasive ignorance is the root cause of our current circumstances? I don't think the American people deserve the government we have/had and/or about to get no matter how ignorant they are. As casper has written before, he views liberalism as the greatest danger America faces, a threat far more grave than Al-Quaida. Liberalism is at the very least socialism and can be far worse. It spells the end of the America we grew up with.  Obama is to the left of the Clintons, left of Pelosi and Reid, left of San Francisco, Massachusetts and Vermont and the hero of socialist Europe. Clinton raped several women by force and the left yawned. Obama does deals with convicted felons(Rezko), spends 20 years in a racist church, has Brzezinski (NWO) as his National Security Advisor and the left yawns. And the press, graduates all of the East Coast Establisment (NWO) journalism schools fawn over him as if he were the second coming. For them he is the second coming as close to 90% of them agree with Hollywood that the U.S. is not a good country, that heartland America (conservative) is out of step and no longer relevant. I wonder, does America really understand what the liberals (progressives) want? They want NO drilling for oil anywhere, no refineries, no nuclear power, gas prices as high as humanly possible in order to force their "green" Al Gore society. They want a "living" Constitution which can be manipulated by the judges they appoint and the whims of the hour. Higher taxes for almost everyone including world taxation (global warming). Health care by government.
 Opposing extremist inexperienced Obama is a war hero who's father and grandfather were Navy Admirals.
 Obama is leading in every pole. What does this say about our country? Until it actually happens I will refuse to believe that historically conservative America will elect such a man with such a wife.
 Casper says "somebody please flush the toilet (D.C.)".
 We don't want any of you corrupt buffoons anymore. Cancel your 800B $$ debt ceiling increase for bailing out corrupt GSE's by your corrupt Treasury Secretary.
 Go away. Vacate OUR buildings. Take your employers on "K" street with you. Take your FISA and your Patriot Act and your Treason with you. Leave your keys and your parking passes on your desk and "GET OUT OF TOWN AND DON'T COME BACK".
Perhaps this is the way to bring our country together again.
im mi nent. =  "likely to happen without delay".
                      casper    7-25-08