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CASPER UPDATE: July 22, 2008

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I am upset with myself this morning over the manner in which Casper responded to STORY'S update last night.
As a former Securities Broker Dealer myself I am well aware of his ACCURATE depiction of U.S. securities law.
I should have acknowledged his accurate portrayal of those laws before going off on him. The reason I was so upset with him is first, that he is in conflict with his own writings about the programs for the last year and second, nothing he said in those 16 paragraphs last night is relevant. If he was the least bit informed about the programs he would know just how irrelevant his remarks are and he would have stuck to his own knitting.
As you know WE have complimented STORY many times often pointing out that we learn things from him we would not have otherwise known. WE have also said it is obvious no one has worked harder or longer or taken more abuse for his efforts than STORY. And so, if I had a "do-over" I would have explained that his information is simply wrong and left the emotional response out of it.  STORY had no business putting something like OMEGA SCAM on the newswires at the last moment given the fragile nature of the situation and the people involved. OUR business is none of his business and in his zest to tell us our business he has now demonstrated that he knows nothing at all about our business. He would do well to follow his own advice as he often admonishes his critics to read and learn from his previous writings before questioning him. The  history and unfolding status of OUR business is available to him in the Fourwinds archives.
WE don't have the time nor or we inclined to repeat previous writings. Those of you who are involved in the programs understand that this is our full time business and we have been at it for well over a decade.
Deliveries are imminent.
Do not allow STORY or anyone else to shake your faith.
                 casper    7-22-08