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CASPER UPDATE: July 21, 2008

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Regarding the current STORY update out tonight and dated tomorrow it is a PILE OF CRAP.
He has demonstrated over time that he is no "source" of knowledge regarding our programs although he has occasionally pretended to be such. The 16 paragraphs out tonight under the heading THE PROGRAMS; OMEGA PONZI SCAM, ETC.. demonstrates once and for all that he is utterly ignorant about our business and calls into question whether he actually knows anything about anything. His writings tonight, presented as facts (his facts) are an INTERNATIONAL DISGRACE and exposes him as a CHARLATAN of the first order. He ranks right up there in terms of knowledge with the court clerk in Matoon, Illinois and with the Quatloos web site disinfo experts. If ever there was an example of IGNORANCE ON DISPLAY this is it.
Pay no attention to this uninformed idiot friends. Either he is being paid to regurgitate his handlers bullshit or he is just plain IGNORANT.
Yes, we know what happened today.
Deliveries remain imminent. Remember, he who laughs last laughs loudest.
                     Casper    7-21-08