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CASPER UPDATE: July 20, 2008

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Do you remember our previous comments that MANMADE  Global Warming is a hoax and an excuse for world taxation? Check out the article on  "Al Gore calls for CO 2 Taxation".  Leftist Elitist Hypocrites are an open book or in the case of Hussein Barrack Obama, an open pamphlet.
Excuse's excuse's excuse's. Everybody's got an excuse for no deliveries. Another signature say some. Computer glitches say others. The excuse's given to us are different from everyone else's and change day by day so it matters little which set of smoke and mirrors are in play today.
WE continue to believe things are imminent (don't you just love that word) based upon the activities of those who traveled and are still in place and still living the good life on someone else's nickel. As long as they stay over there and do not head home empty handed then things will, in our opinion, remain "imminent". WE do think we know what has been going on day in and day out but it is best not to discuss it here. The excuses given are in use with high level people around the world so as long as they are in acceptance of them who are we to question their judgment? Bottom line? Things remain imminent.
The Mexican Peso hit a five year high vs the Fed Res dollar this week. Imagine that. Poor little ole Mexico's currency out performing helicopter Ben's increasingly worthless script.
Have you noticed the excessive testing of the Emergency Broadcasting System this week? It has been happening every day including today (Sunday). Hmmmm.
How about that wonderful FDIC deposit insurance for Indy Mac customers. After ONLY a few hours in line they got their checks which they now can not cash and if deposited in another bank will require a waiting period of up to two months. Why do you suppose other banks will not immediately cash checks guaranteed by an agency of the U.S. government?
We get bits and pieces of information about changes in accounting rules which will require Banks to bring off balance sheet assets on to the books. In the example of CITI the talk is 1.1T. Their capitalization is down to 90 billion. What happens when they and others are forced to bring this hidden garbage out of the basement into the light of day with the accompanying debt? What happens when level three assets are marked to market? Could it be that the whole banking system is already upside down and the only thing left is public disclosure? Is it not reasonable to assume the failure of the old will be accompanied by the announcement of the new? WE hear (read) that Treasury Auctions are no longer fully subscribed to foreign govt's and central banks. Is the FED RES buying the Treasury Debt Instruments, a highly inflationary scenario on top of all the other inflation?
Did you read the article on Fourwinds regarding the FORECLOSURE APOCALYPSE 2008??? Why would Banks suddenly halt workout negotiations with home owners in concert with each other last Monday? This is a very major happening friends. Something BIG is in back of such a collective decision. Could it be debt forgiveness as part of the announcements including mortgage debt forgiveness making workout negotiations a waste of time? This is certainly a rose colored glasses interpretation but isn't it true that the banks can't produce the deeds and documents anyway because the loans were securitized and paper work spread all over the world. Some courts have already ruled, no doc's-no foreclosure. What an incredible mess they created and now they are all demanding a bailout and so far they are getting it. But there is a limit to the amount of toxic waste the FED can swallow on behalf of the taxpayers. Then what?
In my OPINION it appears more and more likely that the existing monetary system is being taken down intentionally to be replaced by the new metals backed system in which "control" will be taken from the FED RES and the CORPORATE UNITED STATES and their BANKS and their FIAT RESERVE CURRENCY. It seems "they" would not go quietly, would not co-operate in a smooth transition and that as a result the American people will suffer more than would have otherwise been necessary. It is difficult to "see through" their televised propaganda as they attempt to convince the country they are in control of the outcome when in fact their position is hopeless and their attempts to preserve their Illuminati Banking and Fiat Currency and Credit Power Base is already destroyed and there is nothing, absolutely nothing they can do about the final outcome. They can however make life ever more miserable for WE THE PEOPLE by continuing to monetize the insurmountable problems resulting in more and more inflation hurting the people more with every bite of food or gallon of gas until two jobs and a paper route just won't cut it anymore. This is the inflation part of JEFFERSON'S warning. Then comes the inevitable, the systemic collapse of their paper games and their paper banks and their paper government financing and "debt as money" and fractional reserve banking credit creations and VIOLA--DEFLATION--as it takes time to build the NEW from the collapsed financial infrastructure of the old. The dot-com bubble, the housing bubble, the securitization bubble were all "financial paper credit games" used by them to keep the existing fraudulent credit system alive and it was all underpinned by greed, lust for personal power and world control and preservation of the failed status quo. To who are "they" losing control is the sixty four dollar question. We have expressed our opinions and understandings so many times there should be no need to repeat them again now but we don't actually know who or what is behind the NEW. WE believe it to be good defeats evil, God wins Illuminati loses.
Keep one hand on your door knob and the other on your I.D.
             casper    7-20-08