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CASPER UPDATE: July 15, 2008

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WE have not been able to get through to BRUSSELS for 48 hours. WE have many numbers there, all lines and circuits are busy around the clock. Our Govt sources (U.S.) can't get through either. Now a trailer on BLOOMBERG, repeating every few minutes, "BELGIUM GOVERNMENT FALLS ON RIFT OVER REGIONS POWERS". Meaning? Don't know, can't get through.
Sources in the Far East said releases Sunday afternoon for delv Monday. Monday many sources told "released at noon EST for delv today and Tuesday". On Tuesday we hear "released at 6 a.m. EST for delv today and Wednesday". Obviously someone is playing with our minds our emotions and our schedules.
Meanwhile, four BIGS arrive U.S. yesterday (Monday) carrying big sticks we hear, three are CHINESE.
Europe still furious. Immense pressure on Brussels and they too are receiving high powered visitors from afar who are not happy about the delays.
Big players arrived Euro-Banks Monday morning to do paperwork and await access.
We hear the fiasco with Mr Big Shot in BRUSSELS necessitated another change of our codes which was done over the weekend.
This smells like the calm which precedes the storm.
The STORM, we hear, is loaded with thunder and lightening.
                     casper   7-15-08