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CASPER UPDATE: July 12, 2008

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In his update dated today STORY refers to the "real time juggernaut" enveloping the D.C. criminals and events unfolding "right now" which he can not discuss.
WE do hope the man knows what he is talking about BECAUSE this morning BUSH has again stopped the deliveries.
The "BIG MAN" in Europe, the "BUTTON PUSHER", Mr. ARROGANT BIG SHOT ("no one can over rule me or my authority"), the man over both Frenchmen and C.T. and all others has been intentionally holding up deliveries while secretly working for the BUSHES.
 Yesterday CHINA and others forced the release of the packs which Mr Big had no intention of releasing and this was to result in delv today. Certain key packs held at BRINKS in NEW YORK were ordered out around 2p.m. yesterday and actually went out a little after 5p.m.. Overnight they were ordered back by BUSH JR. who says "I am the president of the UNITED STATES and I am ordering you (BRINKS) not to deliver". The packs are now back in NEW YORK.  Senior is controlling Mr Big over there. No telling how much he has been paid or what kind of threats and blackmail may be involved.
 All this follows multiple attempts to trade the funds with the full co-operation of Mr Big Shot who all thought (until recently) was a man of integrity and was only holding things up to be absolutely sure everything was in proper order and sequence. Now the whole world knows and understands that he is just another snake. The trade attempts were blocked.  Europe is furious and now Mr Big is AWOL, MIA, can't be found or conversed with and is being sought by all parties including the world court.
This is no time for vague allusions to "avoiding the juggernaut" MR. STORY. If you know anything that would assist those trying to overcome the above FACTS and/or bring pressure upon the D.C. Criminals and the BUSH/CLINTON/CHENEY mafia now is the time to fire all bullets and throw your pocket knife.
This attempt to delay was to run up to the Olympics and then use that as an excuse for another three week delay.
During this period of "playlike" deliveries are imminent big Investors and others traveled to be in position to access, others were allowed into banks to "see" their funds on the screens (even including providing their codes to them), the "whip" was engaged for those of you familiar with the term, all was in readiness worldwide, "they" were out of wiggle room and suddenly the world learns that the biggest of the big, the number one man is a pawn, stooge, partner, flunky, etc. of the BUSHES and nothing more than another snake in the sack.
Needless to say the WORLD is shocked and will now do whatever they do in such circumstances which we will report as we learn about it.
This is very much in keeping with our previous report referring to the activities of the FED which is the Illuminati partner of the Illuminati President and his Illuminati father who's father financed HITLER. No sooner had the previous report gone out (which, by the way, generated some nice compliments about its accuracy from CHINA) than the FED announces it will open the "Discount Window" to Freddy and Fannie. You, dear reader, are the discount window. It means that their planned bailout of failing financial institutions in the U.S., from A to Z, are to be propped up using the contents of your wallet to do so. The systemic risk is off the charts and the moral hazard is no longer a hazard, it is the reality unfolding before your eyes. Their goal is preservation of their paper world in order to avoid a return to Treasury Banks, the Constitution and the accompanying exposure of their CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES. Bankrupting the citizens via these government guarantees would provide the diversions necessary (re 1929 on steroids)  to avoid their exposure and if that doesn't do the trick, if the WORLD sees through this B.S. with the help of STORY and others, well then, there is always the shock and awe of lighting up Iran to fall back on.
Now comes the announced takeover of INDY MAC by the FDIC come Monday morning. This is the second largest bank failure ever and remember, this FED insurance agency can not cover 5% of bank deposits if a chain reaction-domino-systemic risk-scenario plays out.  
The CORPORATE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is the biggest CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE the world has ever known and it is desperate to preserve itself.
Don't worry about the now disappeared "button pusher". Other people have fingers.
 As for BUSH we must await the worlds response.
                  casper   7-12-08