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CASPER UPDATE: July 10, 2008

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Every day we learn of additional behind the scenes activities (after the fact) all of which represents forward movement and "last minute" details being taken care of. Most of this involves certain high level recipients traveling and/or going into banks and/or "signature sessions".
One such signature session occurred yesterday afternoon and the happening was "tele-conferenced" around the world (from Switzerland) as reported by American and European sources who watched the "monitors" as it occurred. Other high level recipients hit the skies yesterday moving into place for their own access which they are aware can not happen until we receive.
WE hear BUSH, before leaving for the G-8, again issued illegal self generated "immunity" for himself and his mafia and upon arriving in Tokyo explained what he had done to Sarkosy who promptly left the meetings and flew home to France to do the same for himself and his mafia.
Meanwhile Congress, having provided retroactive immunity for the telcoms illegal wiretapping of Americans phone calls and e-mails, now moves to give the Fed Res total control of all regulatory authority over Investment Banks and Primary Dealers in addition to the Commercial Banks.
In other words, they are apparently trying to preserve the existing fraudulent financial system at all cost and they have decided to take all the toxic/worthless bank paper into the Fed (replacing it with Treasury Securities at the banks) in order to save the bankrupt banks and ultimately lay everything off on the TAXPAYERS, i.e. the American public no matter how horrendous the problems are or might become.
"They" have not even begun to tell the real truth regarding the collapse of their pile of paper on which they extracted and pocketed hundreds of billions of dollars in fees and commissions. Now that their paper world is collapsing they are laying it off on the public.
This is the ultimate bailout formula and says they will do anything, absolutely anything, to preserve the status quo even if they have to bankrupt the people of the nation in order to do so.
The bought and bribed and utterly ignorant and subservient congress will do nothing to stop this, they likely don't even understand what is happening.
The PAULSON/BERNAKE testimony before congress this morning confirms the plan and the willingness of the Congress to "go along" with it.
This is not metals backed Treasury Banks. It is funny money/fiat credit creation in unlimited quantity financed at taxpayer expense. It is a desperate attempt to save the "existing system" and a willingness to RAPE the nation to save themselves i.e.intentional dollar destruction & massive inflation.
Perhaps this is what BUSH meant when he said "now the people will suffer greatly (because they didn't support me).
What a farce, watching Barney Frank, who was running a homosexual whorehouse out of his D.C. apartment, and others, participate in one after another financial scams followed by immunities for everyone involved. 
The CORPORATE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT in partnership with the FED is the biggest CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE in the history of the world and they are now engaged in turning the nation over to the Central Bankers who have been unconstitutional from day one.
How does this comport with years of knowledge and understandings that the owners of the Fed Res were bought out and paid off and CHINA picked up the remnants including Fed Res physical assets in Europe? Has something changed?
Has the FED not been merged into Treasury as anticipated?
The above represents a more powerful than ever FED. If it is to be all powerful who owns it now? Why would the rest of the world suddenly be willing to go along with a continuation of this financial farce they have been working to overcome since the 1970's? How about the accelerating devaluation of their dollar reserves?  How does all this fit with some reports that we will be exempted from  HLS and the Patriot Act, exemption meaning they stay in place.
BASEL II is expanded regulation. Having "skimmed" one of their 400 page documents (or was it 700 pages) there is no mention of metals backed banks. As one of the most serious believers in metals backed Treasury Banks/Constitution, etc. I am dumbfounded at these developments. WE know for a fact the GOLD was moved into Fort Knox (first hand witness). As the biggest loser in the above scenario why would CHINA go along with this?    1.3T in dollar reserves continue to be devalued? CHINA is focused on the Olympics. Does this have anything to do with anything? Once again this is all above my pay grade. 
There are a thousand questions with very few answers.
As the FED takes on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of worthless paper from the banks (on behalf of the American public) they can prop up the liquidity and the reserves of the banks but they are not and can not solve the problem of solvency as they can not control the value of the ever more worthless paper. These criminals are "doubling down" all bets using the net worth of every American to do so. It is criminal. If there were no alternative that would be one thing. The alternative is to let the fraudsters collapse, to not bet the publics wealth in a futile attempt to save their unconstitutional system, to return to the constitution and constitutionally correct Treasury Banks with a sovereign asset backed currency.
In spite of the confusion expressed herein we still expect deliveries today or tomorrow.
                 casper    7-10-08