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CASPER UPDATE: June 24, 2008

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 Did you hear the E.U. response to the IRISH rejection of LISBON/E.U. Constitution? "You have four months to change your minds or else".  Unelected arrogant Illuminati bureaucrats, turned down whenever & wherever a vote is allowed to occur, (France, Holland, Ireland, etc.) say to all of Europe, "we don't give a damn what you say, we are implementing the New Global Order.
Did you hear Henry Waxman (D) say on national television yesterday " 300 ton's of shrink wrapped $100. bills sent from Andrews Air Force Base to Iraq are unaccounted for"?? THREE HUNDRED TON'S.  (An average size dump truck--not a huge 16 wheeeler....but an age dump holds 20 Tons)
Do you remember our report from a military contact who said he supervised the re-loading of vast sums of currency on huge airplanes in IRAQ which then did not arrive at the designated U.S. destination? This is on top of the 2.7T (TRILLION) the Pentagon says it can not account for at the Pentagon.
Hundreds of Billions of no bid "cost plus" contracts have been issued to KBR/HALLIBURTON. This is why trucks with flat tires are burned to a crisp by HALLIBURTON (cost plus). Obviously CHENEY/BUSH have carte blanch from the CONGRESS to bankrupt the country.
The Senate voted last week to provide Social Security to ILLEGAL ALIENS. ILLEGAL aliens.
U.S. wealth is being siphoned at the rate of Billions each day from consumers to OPEC nations and BIG OIL. What did the BIBLE say about the sons of Ishmael and oil (something the rest of the world would have to have). ?? This is the outcome caused by the suppression of free energy devices for decades.  
"Global stock and credit crash" coming says the Royal Bank of Scotland. "Catastrophic Event" coming says Morgan Stanley.
CHENEY is the "puppeteer" responsible for recent delays we hear. He and his helpers-or at least their activities- somehow got "locked down" we hear. On the other hand we hear rumors that the bad guys are still fighting tooth and claw to stop things including announcements. Because deliveries did not occur Sat. or Sunday or Monday as expected by ALL sources we must maintain around the clock vigilance and "surveillance" while trusting that those who have brought us this far and this close to completion will not fail in the final hour. The war does continue behind the scenes especially as regards the suitcase and immunities. It appears that CHINA/WU represents the World against CHENEY/BUSH who represent the Illuminati. The C.T. (BUSH CRONY) and BUSH'S lawyers in D.C. are now leading the disinfo campaign-pay no attention to these snakes.
IMF, which includes the 112++ programs formerly designated Fed Res Programs will be after July 1st which is also true regarding our access to "program funds", F.C. and announcements. That is not what we are expecting day by day including today.
As we discussed in times gone by there has never been a single instance in history where a gov't chose other than the inflationary scenario now being implemented by the U.S. Gov't/FED RES in this kind of fiscal/monetary crisis (deflation/inflation). Inflation is the most insidious tax ever and its effects are only now beginning to show up in prices which is the effect not the cause. The cause is FED RES monetary policy. This "trouble" has only just begun. We are back to Jimmy Carter days only worse. Why am i mentioning this when i have said i do not wish to pretend to be a financial newsletter writer? As a reminder that inflation takes its greatest toll upon the poor. If you are unsure how to help others after funding consider the needs of the food banks which are already in trouble now with the real trouble still ahead. Feed the poor. Relieve pain and suffering-immediately. In addition to this "already in the pipeline" inflation, the Democratic candidate for President has proposed doubling capital gains taxes, doubling dividend taxes and applying the 12.5% S.S. payroll deduction tax to all income not its currently limited application. More than 1 TRILLION in new taxes proposed so far and still counting not to mention cancellation of the previous tax cuts "for the rich" (anyone making 50k year). All this in time of crisis. As the recently deceased GEORGE CARLIN said shortly before saying the Bible is science fiction, "It's only a matter of time until the dumbest person in America is elected President". Is that person OBAMA??
Since i expect to go silent permanently as early as today forgive me for treating you to some last minute ranting.
Due to incompetence and corruption our country is "up against the wall". Those responsible will, for the most part, walk away rich. It is our own apathy which is primarily responsible for this state of affairs. From 1).bondage to spiritual faith, 2).from spiritual faith to great courage, 3).from courage to liberty, 4).from liberty to abundance, 5).from abundance to complacency, 6).from complacency to apathy, 7).from apathy to dependence, 8).from dependence back into bondage.  40% of the population now receives some type of government subsidy. This dependence has resulted in a murder rate of 13.2 per hundred thousand residents in counties controlled by Democrats vs 2.1 in counties controlled by Republicans. Dependence is socialism which describes most democrats, the rest are communist. From 'dependence back into bondage' which is the slave state of the New Global Order funded by massive taxation including WORLD taxes using Global Warming as the excuse. As a general statement republicans pay taxes, democrats live off various forms of government welfare. And now say the Democrats, 20 million illegal aliens need amnesty and social security checks as approved by the senate last week, and new Range Rovers if necessary for the total takeover of the U.S.  by the socialist/communist/New World Order crowd most of which are Democrats but watch out as half the Republicans have been PURCHASED and BLACKMAILED by these GLOBALIST as well. It is the REPUBLICAN leadership meeting secretly with CANADA & MEXICO to implement the North American Union via the TREATY PROCESS (approval by bribed senators). Our political parties are two heads of the same CORPORATE SNAKE. Choose crooks and con-artist OR the New Global Order Communist. "They" don't care, they own them both just as they owned both of the "Bonesmen" in the previous election. DEMOCRACY (mob rule) and the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES must be over turned.
Funding and ANNOUNCEMENTS have the potential to "prime the pump" for changes but only the awakening of the people and their accepting the responsibility for stopping DEMOCRACY and returning the country to its roots, a Republican form of government, can actually stop the New Global Order from establishing their World Gov't.. Remember, our founding fathers despised DEMOCRACY as much as they despised King George and clearly said so in the Federalist papers. Not once is Democracy mentioned in any of our founding documents. What "they" are now trying to do in Europe "they" already accomplished in America by secretly changing us into a "legislative democracy" ruled by "public policy" set by their CORPORATION not the Constitution. DEMOCRACY, said the Scottish Professor,  "IS ALWAYS TEMPORARY IN NATURE: It simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A Democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. Then the people vote for those who promise the most with the result that every DEMOCRACY will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which will always be followed by a DICTATORSHIP. Would you rather a return to our roots-or a dictatorship?  We are, as a nation, enduring death by a thousand cuts. Each cut has lessened freedom and increased the power of the planned Illuminati Police State. YOU have been provided a free education in recent months and now understand better than most what is really going on. YOU are about to become wealthy. With YOUR (OUR) knowledge and capacity to help change things who will if WE don't? The poor and the ignorant who will be suffering the most?
Information (awareness), then knowledge, then understanding, then wisdom. At a minimum we can each provide the funds to those who are giving their lives to the attempt to WAKE UP AMERICA so that the information which leads to the other steps becomes widespread and inexpensive.. Won't you please do your part to save America and all it stands for from the "beast" (Illuminati controlled CORPORATE UNITED STATES)? and many others desperately need our help.
Those of you with important and viable plans remember to send your contact info to . How else will "we" be able to find and fund "you".
                casper   6-24-08