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CASPER UPDATE: June 20, 2008

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The recent STORY report contains many disclosures WE didn't know about and still can't confirm. Even so it provides a vivid glimpse of the titanic struggle ongoing around the clock just under the surface.
WE knew/know many things we were not reporting, all representing positive forward movement, because we didn't want to chance messing anything up. After all, funds were being moved into place, Trustees were completing their work as instructed, deliveries and announcements were moments away. Why rock the boat?
Freedom deliveries were to begin Tuesday morning followed by F.C. immediately followed by announcements within six hours followed by opening the suitcase. Then Wednesday then Thursday for what appeared to be legitimate delays. This scheduling Intel was from many sources in the U.S. and Europe.
Now it's Friday and things no longer appear "legitimate".
 The Connecticut Trustee, the largest U.S. trustee, appears to be the front man for this weeks intentional disinfo campaign. Recall that he is a cousin of SENIOR, was put in his position by senior, was seniors financial advisor and may still be and was a guest in seniors Kennebuckport home for a week a couple of years ago as we reported at the time.
Our analysis of current events which is based upon bits and pieces of information, and is subject to revision, is that Bush's scrambling all over Europe last week had to do with arranging a new plan to steal a very large very specific portion of the funds. Recall the Swiss Bankers arrested for helping with the previous scam which necessitated a brand new scam which was--- to have the order of program deliveries changed so that initial deliveries would not trigger announcements and the suitcase. The COP on the beat continues to be CHINA in the person of WU who is again in the U.S. and saying no, we hear, to the revised illegal arrangements being fronted by C.T. on behalf of Bush. If this planned rearrangement of deliveries had occurred as scheduled we would have been left naked and vulnerable with only the Patriot Act for a loin cloth and Homeland Security for protection. After receiving the initial delivery of two cards at the door access to all other funds and Constitutional announcements would have been blocked indefinitely.
Banks closing, market crash, S.S. debit cards, access to larger deposits after July 1, arrest, downloads through several levels, account liquidity and other details are part of this daily "stew". Going into all this would be like pulling a thread on a sweater and, at least to our minds, held the potential to screw things up as deliveries were expected at any moment. So we chose to remain silent about many things for several days.
 Now mentally mix the Wednesday STORY exposures into this "stew" and you can see how intense and complicated it has been this week. Then consider that the best laid plans are unexpectedly thwarted  by the criminals agents anyway and you can see that if we were inclined to report every little detail of daily activity it would be voluminous and , as is the case this week, worthless after two or three days of additional developments. Suffice it to say our abbreviated reports this week were accurate at the moment given.
Regarding STORY'S update dated today we just don't know what to make of it just as we could not make heads or tails of his "refloat" the dollar information, a subject we invited him to address without response by him so far. It is STILL TRUE that we have never spoken to STORY directly or indirectly although WE are sometimes tempted. His INDEPENDENCE (not being influenced by our Intel) is important we think and we think our independence is important as well. We don't understand or agree that the FED RES/U.S. dollar is to be refloated and we don't understand or agree that the countries are to be paid with U.S. Treasury Instruments which is the equivalent of an I.O.U. from a homeless man. It also presumes the U.S. is "in charge" and decides who gets paid and how and when and with what. WE hear the countries funds are in Europe in Euro's and outside the reach of the criminals in D.C.. If this were not true no one would ever receive anything as we are all well aware of the decade long battle against the BUSH/CLINTON mafia. WE expect a new sovereign currency issued by the Constitutional Treasury backed by metals with access through metals backed banks domestically. Actually, we expect most if not all the deposits represented by debit cards to remain offshore in Euros with "access and services" provided domestically by metals backed banks. The only way we can envision anything remotely resembling what STORY describes is if the reborn Treasury of the Constitutional Republic owes other countries debts which survive settlements and by mutual agreement collateralizes same with new metals backed Treasury DEBT Instruments unrelated to the upside down CORPORATE U.S. (53T) and the rapidly deteriorating FED RES SCRIPT which through intentional inflation becomes more worth(less) every day. As you can see our interpretations are considerably different than his. Even so we never discount his Intel as we try to zero in on the truth which is the key consideration here. We invite STORY to critique our views as we are herein critiquing his. As to his comments regarding Wholesale vs. Retail Settlements he appears unaware of retail downloads underway since last Friday at 6p.m. beginning in Europe and continuing in the U.S. Monday. He has his areas of "specialty" and we have ours. Money movements and delivery status occupies all our days and I suggest we may know more about this area than does STORY or at least we know different things than does he. "Retail Accounts" could not have been funded and made liquid this week had wholesale settlements of some sort not previously taken place. But what increments of money/downloads/settlements?? There are so many aspects of the world "liquification" process. He may be entirely correct with what he has eyes on while we have eyes on something entirely different.
CHINA and WU (with family at risk) are supposedly stewarding the legalities of all this and stopping the illegal and unauthorized upside down and backwards attempts of the C.T. and his sidekick (C.C.) to rearrange the world as instructed by BUSH/CHENEY/SARKOZY/MERKLE/BROWN/POPE etc.. This is the end of the week interpretation of current delays as offered up by multiple sources here and in Europe. Delivery of the trigger packs were to begin Tuesday morning after the completion of the Monday downloads. The attempts to rearrange the order of deliveries thereby avoiding the triggers for announcements, etc. was, we hear, a deliberate pre-planned sabotage attempt fronted by BUSH'S pawn, the C.T., having been devised in Europe last week. Since then the excuses have been flying which seemed reasonable at the time because there was a foolish presumption early in the week (by us) of innocence regarding the deadly vipers we thought had been scared straight. It may be that "going straight" would cost them their lives given the STORY disclosures.
Now, if you are quite sure you have successfully mixed the STORY Intel from his Wed. report with the above Intel from us let us now pour and stir the following into the mix;
 Warnings are flying everywhere today regarding an imminent crash. It may well be that TODAY'S Intel from STORY (attempts to pay countries via Treasury Instruments) has created a "last resort" scenario of crashing the CORPORATE UNITED STATES PUBLICLY in order to put a stop to the never ending sabotage of the power elite in D.C., a step no one wanted to take if avoidable. If this SPECULATION is correct it would explain a flurry of warnings today which are far more important than normal telephone talk. Important people changed locations based upon these warnings. Simultaneously the market dropped 200+ points then stopped its fall suddenly which might mean catastrophe was avoided at the last minute or, frankly, it may mean nothing at all. Whether things got broke then got fixed or whether things got broke and are still broke one thing is sure, the agreed upon schedule got broke Tuesday and as of Friday night U.S. WE don't know what the heck is going on and neither does our tried and true sources. If da shadow do he ain't talking.  
As you can readily see the truth is hard to come by, the outcomes are fought over and decided at levels far above our pay grade and at this hour WE and our sources are awaiting further developments and news.
As we have often said "they" will do anything, literally anything to avoid the coming disclosures including the suitcase which we were told two years ago contains 9-11 plus much much more. If CHENEY could blow up the planet he would likely do so and today he has Israeli aircraft practicing refueling operations in a simulated attack on IRAN.
 At home HLS has SWAT TEAMS consisting of 40/50 "multi-jurisdictional" personnel per team practicing Marshall Law all over the country and team members readily admit as much to family and friends.
And so much more negative "sweater threads" we don't feel like reporting and you likely don't feel like reading. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and sometimes casper wishes he could return to that blissful state.
Because we know the "warnings" to be true and the high level at which they originated we believe the poo poo is in the fan big time, it's all over everything already and the best thing to do is keep your head down while the world powers slug it out and the next step is decided upon at which time we will report again or some other messenger will.
We will get to the bottom of this current delay. It's just a matter of time.
                    casper    6-20-08