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CASPER UPDATE: June 16, 2008

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 After "expected" deliveries failed to occur Saturday many sources said deliveries this morning. This was Intel from foreign sources also and was the "grapevine" info all morning. Around noon the first call came saying "not today".
Speculation as to why revolves around the 25% and BUSH'S ongoing quest for money all over Europe last week.
As previously reported sources in Russia and China say "they have stolen enough and will not get another dime". A statement attributed to Madame Wu over the weekend also says "NO" (she is not the CHINA source we were previously quoting). As STORY reported the WORLD BANK is simply a front for BUSH/CHENEY. Our Intel says this item (25%) has nothing to do with us or our funds and in any event will not be paid. Every source says all is in readiness and we will go regardless of their shenanigans.  
BUSH was all over Europe desperately seeking funds, planning more thefts, soliciting SARKOSY, MERKLE, the POPE and HMQ into this and/or that last minute CON-we hear. The POPE continues his "nobody gets anything" position. Bless his heart.
As usual CHINA continues to defend against the criminals and, we hear, controls the purse strings.
Have you looked in on  lately?? Schulz is the man with the plan and continues the Ron Paul REVOLUTION in defense of the Constitution, a task begun by Schulz when Paul was still delivering babies. What he and the WE THE PEOPLE foundation are doing right now, including his scheduled D.C. hunger strike later this month, is truly worthy of our attention and our support as are others such as and and
Why not place a "post it" note on your computer screen as a reminder that these PATRIOTS need our help now if possible but especially after funding?
Afternoon news says deliveries tomorrow. Can't discuss the why's and wherefores except to say we do trust the Intel.
                   casper   6-16-08