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CASPER UPDATE: June 13, 2008

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casper 6-13-08
God Bless the IRISH.
 It took enormous courage for them to stand alone like that. No telling what the E.U. PARLIAMENT(ILLUMINATI) will do to pay them back.
They have bought the world a little time, that's all.
Meanwhile the leaders of CANADA, the U.S. and MEXICO continue to meet and merge into the NORTH AMERICAN UNION bypassing the people, the votes, the constitutions by using the TREATY PROCESS to do what they could not otherwise accomplish.
Will we, WE THE PEOPLE, sit quietly and suck our thumbs while they bury what remains of our sovereignty?  Unlike the IRISH we will not be allowed to vote.
The WHORES in the SENATE will handle that little detail.
Unless we use this temporary reprieve from the NEW GLOBAL ORDER BULLDOZER to stop the corrupt CORPORATE CABAL in the U.S. future generations are doomed to Regional then World Government. As with NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, etc., once the NAU TREATY is signed without the consent of we the people it is to late. 
It becomes U.S. and Mexican and Canadian LAW.  

Never in American history have the people been so ignorant, so blind, so complacent, so apathetic, so unwilling to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the theft of their country and the ongoing and highly visible trashing of everything our nation has stood for.

While we sleep hardly a day goes by without still another disclosure of a SENATOR or CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN on the take or feathering their nest at the peoples expense.
This week it was Democrat Cristopher Dodd who got 'sweetheart' mortgage financing from Countrywide and Republican Dennis Hastert-- who bought several hundred acres then got freeway construction approved at taxpayer expense out to his multi- million dollar cow pasture,and to hell with the farmers and ranchers losing their family homesteads between town and his new gold mine.
Is there nothing, nothing, that will give the American people a small part of the courage of the IRISH?
A tiny Island Nation of four million citizens protects 500 million Europeans who are not allowed to vote from the ILLUMINATI BULLDOZER at God knows what expense to themselves.
In Escobedo, Mexico the Mayor is passing out free Viagra and condoms to all males for Fathers Day.
 In Juarez, drug cartels, protected by Military dressed in black with black face masks are raiding dentist offices, doctors offices and the main hospital grabbing drugs and often raping female employees. The main hospital has been closed. 
This week they beat a Home Depot employee to death in the street with a baseball bat as his helpless family and the Mexican Military looked on.
The main hospital in El Paso is under heavy guard now. U.S. media is silent. 
This week CHERTOFF orders the NATIONAL GUARD to withdraw from the border saying the "border guards can handle it".
Rumor's say the CIA is assisting the Mexican Military with the protection of the drug cartels.
Are we waking up yet?
Today BUSH speaks from Europe on the 60th anniversary of the Marshall Plan saying "a NEW Marshall Plan is needed for the mid-east".
Say what?
They own the oil--Won't help each other--- But the American citizen should fund their future?
Well sure friends, if we have anything left after the United Nations gets their taxes to fix global warming WHICH IS NOT MAN MADE.
It is the GLOBALIST EXCUSE FOR WORLD TAXATION and one more example of the can't be measured STUPIDITY of one GLOBALIST NAMED AL GORE. ** 
SENIOR was 84 yesterday. David ROCKEFELLER was 93.
We entered into, we hear, a 72 hour delivery window beginning noon today and ending noon Monday.
WE think delvs. will begin tomorrow, Sat. 
Listen carefully to ALL the announcements not just Banking changes.
The D.C. corruption must end, the NAU must be stopped by an enlightened citizenry just as the IRISH have stopped the European Collective's destruction of National Sovereignty in Europe.
If the announcements do not confirm the end of BUSH'S HLS, PATRIOT ACTS, CORPORATE GOVERNMENT and exit from Bankruptcy and ADMIRALTY LAW and return to the ORIGINAL ORGANIC CONSTITUTION then the war is not won. If the war is not won ,we must fight for our Constitutional Republic or roll over and give up and give in to the corrupt CORPORATE ILLUMINATI GOVERNMENT and agree, on behalf of our grand children, to their future and permanent slavery.
If only it were possible to do a "data dump" from the minds of those who know, to the minds of those who don't, The D.C. criminals could not run far enough or fast enough to survive. Since that is not possible we must commit to doing it one citizen at a time if that proves necessary.
Casper's son is a Marine.
It is especially important that Military personnel be educated quickly.
In BUSH'S Illuminati Marshall Law New Global Order they will be firing on somebody.
Will it be friends and family or the criminals??
              Casper   6-13-08
(** Contacts relate a story about the day the subject of automobile radio antennas came up in conversation with Al Gore. He said he didn't know what that was "but would have his staff look into it".  )